Thanks to the Sennheiser MX W1, you can now enjoy your favorite tunes in the highest of quality.  The audio powerhouse unveiled the MX W1 at CES 2008, introducing the industry’s first wireless stereo earphones.

Product Highlights

•           Wireless earbuds with full Hi-fi bandwidth
•           Built with Kleer wireless technology
•           Superb audio better than Bluetooth
•           Extended battery that outlasts Bluetooth
•           Seamless integration with video
•           Works with any audio player or mobile phone

Key Features

•           Ability to transmit over 2.4GHz of uncompressed audio
•           Digital link enables easy listening without bothersome cords
•           Neodymium magnets provide crisp, clear sound
•           Twist-to-fit system assures a comfortable fit
•           No setup or installations required - simply plug and play
•           Enables two people to enjoy the same audio

•           Includes carrying case with quick-charge battery that can be fully recharged up to three times
•           Comes with a two year warranty

The Earbuds

The MX Wireless 1 earbuds are light as a feather, weighing only 10gms each.  Built with Sennheiser’s “Twist-to-fit” system, they offer a perfect, comfortable fit.  The earbuds include a set of built-in speakers with high-powered neodymium magnets that provide detailed, crystal clear audio reproduction.

Kleer Technology

Implemented with Kleer’s state of the art technology, the MX W1 is ten times more powerful than Bluetooth.  This enables the efficient utilization of the world’s tiniest rechargeable coin-cell battery, thus making for a compact, ergonomically compliant design.


The MX W1 features Sennheiser’s newly created 14mm transducers.  These transducers are the highest of quality, offering optimum sound along with tremendous precision and superb bass definition.


This transmitter is compact and about the size of a matchbox, able to connect to any device that has a 3.5mm output.  The MX W1's transmitter is a perfect fit for mobile phones and portable audio players such as an iPod.  Connecting the transmitter to receivers is simple - all you have to do is plug and play.  The inclusion of durable elastic bands allows the transmitter to be securely attached to the device.

Lower Latency

The presence of Kleer technology enables the utilization of lossless audio transmission and fast channel switching.  This drastically reduces the need for audio buffering, which allows the MX W1 to experience low latency, making it the perfect platform for viewing video on portable devices.

Share Your Sounds

The transmitter has the ability to provide sounds through two pairs of MX W1 earbuds, allowing you and a friend to jam to the same song at the same time.

Rock All Day

The carrying case for the MX W1 is also a mobile power station.  The quick-charge battery enables your earphones to be completely recharged up to three times without the need of external power.  To match the power capacity of your earbuds, the transmitter lasts up to 10 hours and can take up to three recharges.