A simple solution if you are worried about mobile radiation

Your mobile. If you’re like most of the UK population it’s probably the one piece of kit you couldn’t do without. But over the years concerns about the effects of mobile radiation on health have hit the news more than once. If you’re in love with your phone but concerned about the possible health implications then read on for advice and a potential solution.

What are the facts about mobile radiation?

Mobile radiation

Mobile phones emit radiofrequency energy, which is a form of radiation. Because of increasingly heavy mobile use over the past few decades research has been commissioned into the possible effects of prolonged mobile usage.

In fact, the most recent research from the Health Protection Agency did not found any conclusive link between mobile usage and radiation. But because studies only span the past 15 years scientists have recommended that longer term research is needed to understand potential long term effects.

So if you’re concerned about mobile radiation how can you enjoy your mobile whilst also enjoying peace of mind? Here’s one simple solution that solves the problem:

LiGo Bluewave: lowering the risk of mobile radiation

NHS recommendations suggest that you can reduce the risk of mobile radiation by avoiding long calls and keeping your mobile away from your body when you’re not using it. But that’s not easy to do when you rely on your mobile to manage your life.

LiGo Bluewave is a clever little hub that sits in your home (or office) and channels your mobile calls through your handset. That means you can make or receive mobile calls anytime, anywhere you happen to be without carrying your mobile around. Plus, because calls from your mobile are diverted through your standard home or office handset, you’re not taking the risk of proximity during long phone calls.

There’s no loss of sound quality and you can configure up to 3 Bluetooth mobiles to the system – so not only can you protect yourself, you can protect your loved ones as well.

The system is easy to set up in just 3 simple steps. There are other advantages as well – including the ability to get around dead reception spots and the convenience of being able to take a mobile call even when your handset isn’t handy.

Granted the jury’s still out on mobile radiation – but more and more people in the UK are turning to Bluewave as a simple solution that gives you something truly worth having – peace of mind.