The advances in modern communication over the past few years has been rapid. So rapid that older generations are in danger of  being left behind, as evidenced by the fact that in 2012 only 15% of those aged 65 or over in the UK accessed the internet 'on the go' as opposed to over three-quarters of adults under the age of 45. And whilst it could be argued that this discrepancy is down to a reluctance of older generations to embrace the Doro Liberto 810latest technologies, when you consider that many products exclude the elderly by their very design (eg. the average response time for the icons on an iPhone screen is 0.7 seconds, yet the average response time of someone aged 65 or over is one second) perhaps there is another reason.

Luckily, Doro, the leading manufacturer of easy to use mobile phones, aims to redress the balance with their second smartphone to date – the Doro Liberto 810. Specifically designed at making the Smartphone more accessible, the UK managing director for Doro claims the company are "liberating those who perceive smartphones to be overly complicated and crowded with difficult-to-use apps. Our new mobile will bring them into a world of technology in a positive and engaged way."

We take a look at what this Smart easy-to-use mobile is offering:


The technology

Google playThe Doro Liberto 810 features a 3.4” touch-screen, which is powered by SwiftKey®, capable of learning the preference if the individual user and adapted for use by an older generation. There are still three physical buttons just below the touchscreen, to conveniently navigate back, and access the home screen and menu.

The stylish handset comes with a 5.0 megapixel camera for taking photos and videos that can be uploaded and shared over Wi-Fi and 3G. And there is also space for a microSD for increasing the size of the memory.

Doro Liberto 810 Smartphone

Making use of the Android 4.1 operating system, the Liberto 810 is overlaid with a user-friendly interface specifically designed by Doro that is similar in style to their previous models to make the switch to Smartphone even easier. Doro includes a selection of the best apps, and users (and or their relatives) can download more from Google Play™.

Users also benefit from choice and freedom of content, with access to Doro’s own selection of the best apps, or those downloadable from Google Play™. The operating system is Android™ 4.1 with Doro’s own software Doro Experience® installed as the user interface allowing the user or his relatives to program the content of the phone.

The verdict

It is difficult for us to comment on the actual performance of the Liberto 810 prior to its release, however, based on Doro’s back catalogue of easy-to-use mobiles our expectations are high for this Smartphone for ‘Seniors’ and in an age of increasing isolation for the elderly we definitely endorse trying to make new ways of communicating more accessible to the venerable member of society.

With a release date on the 1st November the Doro Liberto 810 is geared up to be the ideal gift this Christmas, and is available to pre-order from liGo now.