The first thing that I will say about the SL400a phones is that they are not cheap, after having numerous BT branded phones (that were of dubious quality) and a few Binatone phones(that were even worse) over the last few years I thought it was time to bite the bullet and splash out on what I can only describe as one of the best phones I have ever seen or used.

The first thing that you notice about the phones as you unpack them is the weight and build quality, they comprise of a nice chromium plated solid metal frame and a  metal keypad similar to the laser cut key pads of the Motorola Razr. The batteries install easily and are of the flat lithium-ion type you find in mobile phones. Once the batteries are installed and the shiny black back is clipped on you realise that all that chrome and shiny black is going to show up all the fingerprints.  Belt clips are supplied as an option if you want to use them and do not really detract from the overall design of the phone.

Once the screen bursts into life the display quality is excellent and is as good as or better than some mobile phone displays.

The phone cradles are also well made with a removable power connector that clips into the base. The cradles/charging stations did initially seem rather light but once the handsets are dropped in they appear to be stable and the rubber feet stop them from slipping.

The answer phone base unit again was a surprise the size is quite minute compared to some, the unit can be wall mounted and is also supplied with a rather nice clip on back that holds the power connector and telephone cable in place. Once plugged in the handsets registered with no problems.

Setting up the phones was a doddle, the use of the Bluetooth made it possible to transfer my entire directory from my Sony-Ericsson to the one handset, the directory was then copied to the additional handsets using the copy facility. The layout of the menu was simple and similar to that of a mobile phone.

It's too soon to comment on the standby battery life as the manual states 230 hours although this will only be achievable after a few charge discharge cycles.

Having only really used the most basic features of the phones and answering machine I am totally impressed and wish I had brought a decent set of Siemens phones instead of all the cheaper models. As these phones come with a two year guarantee Siemens have covered all the bases.

So if anyone is thinking of getting a set of the SL400 phones all I can say is go ahead,  I don't think you will be disappointed and in many ways, you get what you pay for. On a final note the service from liGo was excellent.

Guide price

Single handset: £114.99
Twin handset: £177.99