The Siemens Gigaset S795 is a premium digital cordless phone with answering machine that is packed with features along with Gigaset’s signature build quality (and 2-year warranty as a result). It is on the more expensive side for a DECT phone at £69.99 for the single model, but the clarity of sound, overall look and feel of the phone and the extensive feature list means that you’re getting your money’s worth.

We put it to the liGo test:

Design and Build

Gigaset S795 The phone itself is a metallic silver and is equipped with a  large 1.8-inch TFT colour display, whilst the main base is a polished glossy black. The handset benefits from volume controls on the right hand side, and a 3.5mm headset jack on the bottom left (which can be hidden with an included rubberised cover). The buttons on the keypad are fairly small (noticeably smaller than most other models), which lends itself well to the overall elegant aesthetic but may pose problems for those with poor dexterity or larger fingers.

The look of the S795 is complimented by the impression of the handset when you hold it for the first time; there is a nice weight to it and it feels well-made.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of calls using the S795 is excellent, and it’s easy to adjust the volume whilst speaking using the controls on the side of the handset. We found the maximum setting wasn't very loud; it would be fine for the majority of people but not ideal for anyone with poor hearing. However, there is a loudspeaker to give the volume a further boost or to continue conversations handsfree. The clarity on the loudspeaker is not comparable to when using the handset conventionally, but works well enough and better than other similarly priced phones (and the handset can stand up straight when placed on a flat surface, which we always find improves speakerphone call quality).

The sound quality is excellent

Playback of messages recorded on the answer machine is very clear when heard through the handset; less so via the speaker on the base station's speaker (unless you increase the record quality, which reduces the recording time).

Range & Battery Life

The DECT range provided by the S795 was very good in our tests, allowing us to get close to the 50 metres indoor range and fared better outdoors than the BT8500 (which managed just over 200 metres) by about 20-30 metres. The S795 would be fine for most sized properties, offering the longest range you’ll get from a cordless phone without the aid of a range extender.

Longest range you’ll get from a cordless phone

The handset uses 2x AAA 750mAh NIMh batteries, which provides hours of use between charges. In our tests we found that after a week of being left off the cradle and in standby, we were still able to make a call and talk for half an hour. Although the talk-time when fully charged only lasted 12 hours (which is still pretty respectable, though wasn't quite enough to secure it a spot on our Top 5).

Ease of use & set-up

Setting up the phone is fairly straightforward with on-screen prompts to guide you through the initial stages. The menu is icon-based and the large colour screen makes it clear enough to read, and the user manual is fairly well-presented, has a useful index, and is written in easy to understand English (but is on the long side at almost 100 pages).

Gigaset S795

Additional Features

Gigaset S795Each handset boasts a phonebook memory for up to 500 names, which is more than is offered typically by cordless phones.  Whether or not you have 500 contacts to store (each with space for up to 3 numbers), the S795 has some pretty useful features for making the most of the phonebook; Gigaset’s QuickSync software allows you to connect the handset to your computer via USB and import contacts to the phone. QuickSync can also be used to personalise the phone by importing music files for ringtones, or images for Picture Caller ID.

The integrated answering machine on the base provides a recording time for up to 45 minutes of messages, and comes with some additional features to take advantage of. In addition to customising the maximum record time, the ring delay, and other settings, you can also set up the S795 to notify you by text whenever a new message has been recorded. You can then dial in and listen to it remotely.

Further notable features include: speed dial, a calendar, a 2.5mm headset socket, and the facility to double up as a baby monitor, calling a specified number (or placing an internal call to another handset if using more than one) if it detects noise in the baby's room.


The Siemens Gigaset S795 is a great home phone bursting with useful and easy to use features, which would transfer well to a home/small office environment. It might not have the call blocking functionality offered by some of BT’s latest phones, and is on the expensive side but does offer the functionality and sound quality of a top-range model.

You can find out what people who’ve purchased think of it, and place an order for the S795 hereP&C_template