The Gigaset E495 is a robust digital cordless phone, which has been designed for use in more demanding environments. It may not sport the most stylish of designs but is as solid as they come, and still packed with a range of practical DECT features, such as an integrated answering machine (on a separate base), a 1.4” colour display, and handsfree loudspeaker.  It is a mid-priced phone, starting at £59.99 for the single model, £89.99 for the twin, £129.99 for the trio, and £169.99 for the quad.

We put it to the liGo test:

Design & Build

In terms of appearance the design might leave a lot to be desired, but the handset is ruggedized for protection against dust, shocks, and splashes. We drop tested the handset from heights of about 2 metres and purposely knocked it off desks and despite making a clatter was perfectly unscathed. Glasgow blessed us with some light rain so we were able to take the handset outside to make a test call, and can attest to its abilities to withstand splashes. The dust test was an easy one, as the E495 is actually the phone our warehouse use, and is still going strong after the few months it has been in use.

Gigaset E495
The handset is a good size and weight, and certainly feels sturdy enough. And as with all Gigaset phones comes with a 2 year warranty.

Sound quality

On calls with an external line, the sound quality of the E495 is brilliant. The speaker comes across very clearly as does your own voice. The volume settings are adequate for use in our warehouse so shouldn’t pose any major problems for home use. However, when we tested the ringtone volume, we did find that even on the maximum setting was not especially loud.

the sound quality of the E495 is brilliant

We found the performance of the loudspeaker was reliable; and the handset can be stood upright on a flat surface to maximise clarity for both parties.

Ease of use & set-up

Setup of the E495 is quick and easy; a simple case of plugging in the base (telephone line and mains) and charging up the handset (you need to fully charge the first time, and then allow to run down completely before charging again). If using more than one handset, and you need to register a handset to the base you can use our easy to follow step-by-step guide. The menus are logical and easy to navigate through fairly simple.

Gigaset E495

The colour screen is on the small side and there is no option to increase the font size, however, is backlit and easy to read. The numerical buttons on the keypad are all fairly close together and not obviously separated, which could be an issue for anyone with poor dexterity.

Range & battery life

The range of the E495 was comparable to that of the S795; reaching maximum capabilities of a DECT phone indoors (just shy of 50 metres) and gave us a decent 230 metres down the street before beginning to break up. The base of the E495 is separate from the handsets (ie. it doesn’t double up as a charging station), which means if you have more than one telephone point you can plug the base into the one that will give you best coverage and keep your handset/s elsewhere. The E495 is also fully repeater compatible.

11 hours talk-time when fully charged

Gigaset E495Each handset takes 2x AAA 700 mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries, and offers a dependable talk-time and standby. In our tests, the handset lasted delivered over 11 hours talk-time when fully charged, and 10 days when left off the cradle.

Additional features

It is hardly the most feature-rich DECT phone you could opt for, but does still offer the core features provided by most. There is an integrated answering machine with a recording time for up to 45 minutes of messages, phonebook memory for up to 150 contacts, and some decent call management features (such as call transfer, and intercom) to take advantage of. One of the most practical features of the E495, especially if it’s going to be used in a noisier environment is the inclusion of incoming call vibrate.


Gigaset’s E495 is a reliable choice if you’re in the market for a cordless phone, which will withstand some rough handling. And in addition to its robust credentials still offers great sound quality, great range, and great features. All in all - an excellent phone that gets a resounding thumbs up from the team at liGo. Basic RGB