DIYers and gardeners of the world, listen up!  No longer will you have to worry about getting your cordless phone covered in water, dust or soil.  At last, Siemens have put their thinking caps on - or should that be "thinking hard hats"? - and created a superb digital cordless phone for those who work and play in less than sanitary environments.  The Siemens Gigaset E490/E495 digital cordless phone is built for hardy, down-and-dirty real world pursuits...but thankfully not at the expense of functionality.

Before we get going, it's best to clarify the difference between the two model numbers.  The E490 is the handset and base unit, while the E495 is exactly the same except that it comes with a digital answering machine.  Now that that's out of the way, lets look and see what makes the E490/E495 so tasty.

The Gigaset E490/E495 is rugged in every sense of the word: not only is it sheathed in a protective rubber "bumper", it has been specifically designed to keep out dirt and water sprays.  You can carry this cordless phone around with you - a handy belt clip is provided should you have your hands full - and feel assured that whether you're watering plants in the garden or crafting a wooden masterpiece in the shed, the Gigaset E490/E495 will stand up to the task of resisting the dirty elements.  You don't even need to be an avid hobbyist or manual worker to apppreciate its hardy exterior; parents will surely be glad for the Gigaset's sturdiness when their heavy-handed little darlings put it through its paces.  And it's also fully fitted out for life in more rough and ready environments.  The vibration facility means that you'll never miss a call when the ringer is drowned out by workshop sounds or the lawnmower, plus you can also plug a corded headset into a 2.5mm jack for extra sound isolation.

Just because the E490/E495 can take a pounding doesn't mean that it falls short on features.  Its superb speakerphone function will immerse you in full-duplex sound so you needn't worry about having your hands free.  The bright colour display can accommodate an impressive six lines of text, which is particularly relevant to the included SMS text function.  The phone book can accept up to 150 names and numbers and you can even assign specific ringtones to stored contacts; this is especially handy if you're looking to avoid a long boring conversation with an auntie!  The E490/E495 can also provide and invaluable service to stressed-out parents as it even has the capacity to act as a baby monitor.  And for those who are drawn to the answerphone add-on of the E495, the digital answering machine has room for up to a staggering 45 minutes of messages as well as offering a nifty remote operation function.

Even with its manly ruggedness and barrel-load of fancy features, the E490/E495 has yet another excellent feather in its cap.  The top brains at Siemens have equipped this top cordless phone with ECO DECT, a special kind of DECT technology.  This means that transmission mode is completely switched off until a call is made or received (ECO Plus mode) and that power consumption is reduced by up to 80% during call usage.  Can't you feel your carbon footprint shrinking already?

The Gigaset E490/E495 base unit can be used with up to six counterparts, each of which can be utilised with the Gigaset ISDN base unit and the Gigaset HC450 intercom system.  Is there anything this cordless phone can't do?  It truly is the best in its class.  Of course, here at liGo we're giving you access to this tough technological wonder at the highly delighful price of £95.99 for the E495.  Pick up this marvel today.  You can even drop it if you like.