Siemens Gigaset E455 Review

Siemens E455 The good price/value for money, 2 year guarantee as standard, quality and easy to use, ruggedised (shock, splash proof etc), ECO phone with reduced power consumption. Editors rating 9/10
The bad
Conclusion Customer rating 9/10

It is widely believed that the more you pay for an item, the better the quality of product you get. This is certainly true of the Siemens Gigaset range of home phones which are regarded by most as the top model of phones on the market. So when Siemens introduced the new Gigaset E455, we were rather surprised by its price tag which was typically 30-40% less than their popular SL565 model. Keen to find out whether the drop in price didn’t mean a drop in quality, we took a closer look at the new Siemens offering.

So what can you expect for around £100. For a start, you get 2 handsets, each with their own charging cradle. The base unit (the little flat black box) is separate and plugs into the phone point. So you can place both your handsets where you like – as long as they are within range of the base. Many have reported an increase in range (some quite substantially) due to base unit being separate. In our testing, we did note an improvement in range. The Siemens E455 is repeater compatible. This means that if you did wish to extend the range of this phone, you can purchase a small (but expensive) add on which will double the range as a general rule. More information on repeaters can be found here.

Whilst we waited for the handset to charge, sitting ever disciplined in its small wall mountable cradle, a passer by (we assumed she worked for liGo) commented ‘ooo, that’s a nice looking phone’. Finished in a matt black (even the box says dark blue), the E455 oozes understated class. Try as we might, we couldn’t get any finger print marks on it. The full colour display, framed in a dark grey border, was one of the largest we’d come across. There is a very thin protective plastic film on the display which needs to be taken off. The screen was so clean, this wasn’t immediately obvious.

There is good spacing around the buttons, coupled with the satisfying ‘clicking’ feel, the backlit keypad is nice to use. A somewhat annoying sound was emitted each time a key was pressed on the phone. However, we were relieved to find that this could be switched off – under ‘settings> handset> advisory tones’ in the menu.

In typically German fashion, the handset has an uncluttered and efficient feel to it. Its straight lines and ergonomic shape mean you can stand it upright on a table without worrying that it will topple over at the slightest touch (or sneeze). The speakerphone is located on the back of each handset and if you want to go completely handsfree, there is a 2.5mm headset socket at the bottom of the handset so you could purchase one of several corded headsets available on the market. The volume on both the handset and speakerphone can be adjusted – 3 levels on the handsets and 5 on the speakerphone. We found the volume and clarity to be good on both.

The E455 comes packed with many features but is also beautifully simple to use if you’re just looking to make calls, use its 150 name & number directory or the 35minute answering machine which can be accessed on either handset through a dedicated button and menu. But for the more adventure of you, there is call transfer, intercom, call conferencing, call divert, SMS feature, individual ringtones for different people in your phone directory, a sim card reader to transfer all your phone directory from your mobile to your Siemens phone within minutes, and even a baby/room monitor that will call another handset or phone (on a different number) if needed.

This ECO phone, which claims to be able to use 60% less power than its predecessors, switches itself off when not in use. Both good in conserving energy and creating too much light in a dark room (no more sleepless nights). However, touch any button and the slick E455 effortlessly comes to life, ready for use.

Just when we thought we thought it couldn’t get any better, we were surprised to find this rather slim phone is a ruggedised product and is certified to the international standard IP54. This means is dust splash and shock proof. A very nice touch given the short life span of most phones on the market. The icing on the cake was the 2 year guarantee which comes as standard with this phone.

You can add a total of 6 handsets to the E455’s base (only the base requires a phone point). Everything you need to get up and running is included in the box including things such a belt clip which would normally be an optional accessory.

This is another very good phone from Siemens. Some may argue, its one of their best yet and at the current price, it is quite a bargain.