The Siemens Gigaset C300A is a reasonably priced digital cordless phone with answering machine especially considering the range of DECT features on offer, and its 2-year warranty as standard. Whilst not the most stylish model in Gigaset’s range of DECT phones; the C300A is reasonably priced and features a colour screen. The sound quality, as with most Gigaset phones, is remarkably clear and would definitely recommend this model as one of the best for its price.

Design & Build

The design of the C300A is pretty basic; silver and black. It has a nice clear colour display. The buttons are reasonably sized and well spaced. It does feel quite plasticky but compared to other similarly priced phones (eg. Panasonic KX-TG6821, BT Inspire 1500) it is not better or worse in terms of its build quality and does boast a 2-year warranty unlike the others mentioned.

Gigaset C300A

Ease of use & set-up

We found the C300A to be very easy to set-up and use; and the user manual detailed and simple to follow. The base features controls for operating the in-built answering machine and can be easily wall mounted with the aid of a couple of screws if so desired.

The C300s [is] very easy to set-up and use

Flashing lights on both the base and the handset notify you of new messages. The menus on the handset are icon based and the colour screen makes navigating through them straightforward.

Sound Quality

When listening to calls via the earpiece the clarity of sound is excellent, and the volume can be adjusted to suit different levels of hearing or for noisier occasions. The quality of the loudspeaker wasn't quite as good; it’s far from bad but our expectations for Gigaset are usually higher and it doesn't compare to some of the higher-end models. If loudspaker quality is important then I would recommend going for something a bit more expensive or investing in Gigaset's L410 handsfree DECT clip.

Range & Battery Life

In our tests, the range of the C300A was very good providing a reliably clear connection up to the advertised indoor range of 50 metres. Outdoors was good as well, providing 200 metres from the office before the call dropped.

Gigaset C300A

The C300A benefits from a very long battery life, which lasted for over 20 hours of continuous use (so long the test spanned more than two shifts) and has a dependable stand-by time of more than 10 days so can be depended on to work whether you use it all the time, hardly at all, and/or forget to charge it from time to time.


For a low-cost cordless phone, the C300A boasts a surprisingly high number of additional DECT features to take advantage of. The ‘Anonymous Call Silencing” mode, can be activated to prevent calls from anonymous and withheld numbers from disturbing your home; a useful feature that works well to stop nuisance calls.

Each has a memory for storing up to 250 names and numbers, which is more than double (and in some cases more than triple) what cordless phones for a similar price offer. The C300A is Caller ID enabled so you’ll be able to see the details of incoming callers; and contacts can be transferred easily between multiple handsets.

The integrated digital answering machine has a recording time for up to 25 minutes of messages, and you can customise various settings, such as: length of time before it will answer, maximum recording time, outgoing messages, answer & record, answer only, off, and more.

Further notable features include: speed dial, a calendar, intercom, call transfer, 4 different colour schemes to choose from, access to call lists, and more.


The Siemens Gigaset C300A is everything you’d want from a low-cost cordless phone. Reliable, straightforward to use, and with great sound quality; add to that an array of useful features and you have the reason why this is one of the best bargains available.