The A510A is a reasonably priced DECT phone from Gigaset. Offering basic functionality and reliable sound quality, this is a practical cordless phone ideal for anyone looking for something not too fancy. There is a choice of 5 colourful monochrome displays, which are not as garish as some of the pictures depict.

Design & build

Aesthetically, I’m not overly keen on the design of the A510A. The handset, all in black, looks very plain when compared to some of Gigaset’s more stylish phones. But as the saying goes ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and ultimately there is nothing wrong with the design – it has a nice large display, well spaced and clear buttons, and the base (and cradle for additional handsets) are wall mountable although I do think it looks better on a flat surface.

The build quality of the A510A is excellent

Also, I would say that the build quality of the A510A is excellent for its price. The buttons have a higher-quality feel to them than other similarly priced phones such as the Gigaset CS3 or the Philips SE275.


Sound quality

The sound quality on the test calls was good; though not as good as some of the other Gigaset Phones we’ve tested, such as the C430A and S795. The maximum volume could be louder on the earpiece but the decent hands-free loudspeaker more than makes up for any deficiency. The quality of messages recorded on the answering machine can be adjusted and on the lowest setting (which gives you more space) is more than adequate.

Ease of use & set-up

The instructions included with the A510A are detailed and straightforward to follow, making the phone easy enough to set-up. The menu headings make sense, though you have to scroll through the options one by one until you find what you’re looking for. I think that the keypad is excellent – the buttons are a decent size and not too close together. And both the display and keypad are backlit so thta you can use in poor light.



You get all the standard features we have come to expect from cordless phones: a phonebook, Caller ID, call lists, and (if using more than one handset) call transfer, intercom, and conferencing. In addition to these features, which work well and are easy to use; there is also the integrated answering machine on the base with up to 25 minutes recording time. And a feature popularised on mobile phones, you can also assign different ringtones for different contacts so you can tell who’s calling from the ring.

Range & battery life

The range of the A510A was good both indoors and outdoors delivering upwards of 40 and 200 metres respectively. The base is also repeater compatible so you can extend the range if needed. Each handset comes with 2x AAA 550 mAh NimH rechargeable batteries, which deliver a generous talk time and standby time on a single charge. In our tests, when used continuously the A510A lasted more than 18 hours, and the test handset left off charge with a full battery lasted more than a week.


The Gigaset A510A is an easy to use and functional cordless phone with answering machine. It is not rich in features but offers reliable sound quality, decent range, and impressive battery life. It is only expandable up to four handsets, and would be ideally suited for home use. However, I think that there are better phones for the same price and would recommend the Panasonic KX-TG8061, Panasonic KX-TGH220, and BT 8500 as three alternatives that offer more for your money.