How to set up the Jabra Pro 9450 (Video)

The Jabra Pro 9450 is a high­end wireless DECT headset for blended telephony environments which use both conventional landline phones and VoIP telephony. The easy and intuitive setup procedure helps to ensure that the headset is ready for mass deployment, as explained below:

  • Connect the power cable to the headset base station. A sound will play to confirm that the headset is connected and powered up.
  • Connect the USB cable between the base station and the desktop or laptop. Jabra recommends that you avoid using a USB docking station or splitter.
  • If using a deskphone with a dedicated headset port, connect the telephone cable between the blue port on the Jabra Pro 9450 base station and the deskphone.
  • Place the headset unit in the magnetic holder and charger on the base station, and leave it to charge fully before use.

Jabra Pro 9450