When it comes to bluetooth headsets, there seems to be an abundance of choice on the market. Perfect for the posers who like to wear them in the supermarket or worse, in a bar. But there will be no doubt some who need a high quality bluetooth headset, whether its for business use, day to day or just to avoid police fines whilst driving.

So whats so special about the Sennheiser VMX 100and is it worth spending that bit more. In short, yes but lets take a closer look.

The sleek VMX 100 comes nicely presented in a black box reminiscent of Mac products. A gentle tug and access was granted into the box containing the headset (surprise surprise), wall charger, USB charger, car charger and carry case. The same USB cable attaches to the car and wall charger - a neat touch.

Set up couldn't be easier. There is a quick guide on pairing and general use. In less than a couple of minutes, we had it paired up with one of our Jesus phones (aka iPhone). The VMX 100 is one of the sleekest bluetooth headsets we've reviewed. Its understated yet sexy feel, will not doubt appeal to many. It has again a clean, Mac like design and is beautifully finished in black but is also available in titanium.

A lightweight headset, the VMX 100 is ultra comfortable to wear. It has a unique folding system which makes it easy to carry around. Probably one of few bluetooth headsets that we would actually end up using on a day to day basis. But here's the somewhat clever part. There doesn't exist an on/off button. Simply unfolding the headset, switches it on. Slip it onto your ear - you can adjust the fit easily - and you're ready to go. There is nothing that pokes into your ear and after about 2 hours of testing, we found the VMX 100 to be one of (if not the most) comfortable bluetooth headset tested thus far.

The VMX boasts a VoiceMax Dual Microphone technology. Simply put, the more you use it, the more it learns how much of the background to cancel. It also means that you wear it on either ear as it has two microphones. On test calls, we found the sound quality to be nothing short of superb. Incoming sound was truly excellent and callers reported very clear clarity and volume. To be absolutely sure, we tested the VMX 100 on another mobile and even on a bluetooth laptop (for use with SKYPE). In all cases, the sound quality was excellent.

So that all important question, is it worth the money. A resounding yes if you're looking for top end, high quality, comfortable headset that looks good and is easy to carry. At around £70, it is one of the best bluetooth headsets we've come across.