After rave reviews on the HD 650, we were psyched to get our hands on the HD 600 headphones, another model from Sennheiser’s high definition audiophile line.  The HD 600s substitute the 650s’ shiny metallic housing with a stylish plastic finish in grey and black.  While they may not be as durable these headphones still provide tremendous bang for your buck with a low price and great performance.

Design and Features

The Sennheiser HD 600 comes with an open-back design, allowing you to jam in comfort without comprising too much sound.  Black metal mesh covers the drivers on the ear cups and keeps them protected when the clumsy in you stumbles out.  According to Sennheiser, the HD 600 uses computer-optimized neodymium magnets to reduce distortion and help deliver lightweight aluminum voice coils.  A 3m wire is attached to each ear cup, transmitting audio to the driver and to you through a 3.5 mm mini jack.  The package also comes with a 6.33mm adaptor which supports larger headphone jacks.

Thanks to the soft cloth padding, these ear cups are extremely comfortable and much appreciated when rocking out to a 23 minute track such as Echoes by Pink Floyd.  In fact, you can jam to these things for hours without your ears sweating and overheating as is the case with some ear cups designed with leather padding. An added bonus to the cloth padding is that they won’t flake off over time like the leather on other headphones, which is a real plus considering how much you’re going to use them.

HD Performance

Despite the HD tag, the HD 600s are lacking in efficiency when compared to most earbuds on the market.  You know all that power cranking out of your iPod and its standard earphones?  Power is not the HD 600's forte.  If the mates start getting on your nerves, you may have a hard time drowning them out when they get too loud.  You can however, plug the HD 600s up to your iPod and find a comfortable level without blowing out your eardrums.  The open-back design makes for less isolation as well.

The HD 600s perform best with live and acoustic recordings, letting you really feel the music.  Experience Jimi Hendrix with them and you can hear every little tripped out detail.  These headphones offer a wide range of audio, diving deep down into the bass registers while climbing into the highest of frequencies.  Again, you won’t get the big boom, but the sound quality should suffice for most.


The Sennheiser HD 600 does its job of delivering crisp sounds to your ears.  The comfortable design makes sure you hear just enough.  While you might not be able to block out every little sound, you can at least stay alert.  If you’re looking for some extra power, we recommend moving up to the HD 650s.