Sennheiser has outdone themselves with the PC 350, a dynamic gaming headset that screams action-packed right out of the box.  This unit borrows the design and some the functionality of the PXC 450 with a noise-cancelling feature that makes sure you stay on point in the heat of the battle.  Added is the microphone which makes things even more intense in multi-player games where one mistake could bring down the entire team.


The PC 350's design is awesome, solid and durable yet lightweight and very comfortable.  The ear cups are just the right size, cushioned over a black foam to ensure hours of painless gameplay.  This truly comes in handy when slamming your way to victory online with some TNA Impact.

Unlike most gaming headsets, the PC 350 is designed for easy storage as the ear cups can be twisted into a resting position.  The boom mic is also sturdy and quite flexible, giving you the ability to bend it into a fitting position, perfect for setting off explosions in the new Mercenaries game.  A volume control and mute button for the mic is found half-way down on the cable which connects to the speaker of your soundcard and microphone ports with two 3.5mm jacks.


Next generation systems have resulted in games with amazing graphics and Hi-fi sounds - these headsets pick it all up and deliver it to your ears loud and clear.  In fact, you’re bound to pick up a few annoying sounds you’ve never heard before.  The snap-suplexes in Smackdown “09" make it sound as if you’re front row at the caged stadium while the crushing blows and lifelike commentary of John Madden and Al Michaels in Madden “09" make it feel like Monday night every time you put on the headset.

Clarity is what you need when digging down in the trenches with Armed Core and the PC 350 provides it.  While they are designed for the gamer in you, these bad boys perform just as well when cranking out your favorite tunes.   The detail is awesome but lacks a bit in the base department which could be a minimal drawback to the heavy rock or hip hop lover in you.   All in all, the sound is crystal clear and actually rivals some of the top brand audio headsets.

The mic is quality as well and provides the finishing touches you need when commanding your aircraft through the enemy-infested skies of Warhawk.  Of course they won’t improve your aviation skills, but you’ll at least look pretty cool while trying to smooth out that crash landing.


Being video games fanatics, we can confidently state that the Sennheiser PC 350 just may be one of the best gaming headsets on the market.  After Unleashing the Force with the lost Jedi, you certainly will not be disappointed.