Sennheiser has been at the forefront of technology for over 60 years.  Since the beginning they have manufactured and delivered high-quality, custom made audio solutions, covering every critical aspect from recording, transmission and reproduction.

It all began in 1945 when Dr. Fritz Sennheiser teamed up with seven engineers and technicians and laid the foundation for what would become an industry leading company.  Measuring instruments were developed in their university institute located in a small village by the name of Wennebostel, a move that was made during the second war.

Needing more space to work, the institute was eventually converted into a facility called “Labor W”.  A little under a year later, the team introduced a line up of microphones to their portfolio, paving the way for success in various areas of audio technology.

Audio Evolution

The basis of all Sennheiser products involve research and development, an objective they have carried out from the beginning to the current day.  World renown, this company has built a solid reputation through consistent innovations and making the best of technology.  In the 60s, Sennheiser invented open-back headphones while the 70s saw the birth of infrared transmission.




In the 80s we witnessed more innovation with multi-channel wireless transmission and enjoyed tremendous audio upgrades with home-based surround systems in the 90s.  Sophisticated audio information systems powered the new millennium to provide the amazing technology we enjoy today.  Sennheiser’s innovation has granted the company numerous honors including the Scientific and Engineering Award, two German Innovation Awards as well as a Grammy and an Emmy.

Sennheiser Today

From humble beginnings to a global organization, Sennheiser Electronic now employees more than 1,600 employees and has become a world wide leader in complete audio solutions.  Throughout the years, Sennheiser has remained a family owned company, manufacturing a variety of high quality products from microphones and headphones to new age gadgets equipped with wireless RF technology.  This impressive portfolio is topped off with infrared systems, aviation headsets, equipment for the IT field and quality solutions for the hearing impaired.

Sennheiser is still headquartered in Wennebostel which has since been incorporated into Wedemark.  The company also runs production at another German location in Burgdorf along with sites in Ireland, Tullamore and Albuquerque, USA.  Sennheiser has formed partnerships with several entities as their products are sold by a network of long-standing subsidiaries.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Sennheiser boasted sales of an estimated € 262 million in 2004, 83% of which was amazingly achieved outside of Germany.