When it comes to audio technology, nobody does it quite like Sennheiser.  This company has been delivering high quality products for decades now, continuing the successful trend with a full slate of new headsets.  Whether its communicating more effectively in the office or simply enjoying more freedom at home, Sennheiser has you covered with an attractive range of headset solutions.

Sennheiser SH 230

Known for its high-end products, Sennheiser offers a solution for the every wallet with its SH 230.  This entry level headset boasts the over-the-head wearing style with a monaural design that delivers quality sound into one ear.  Though economical, the Sennheiser SH 230 doesn’t slack on features as it packs a flexible boom microphone along with a foam ear cushion and Activegard technology to keep your ears protected.  Lightweight and stylish, this is the most affordable headset in the Sennheiser headset portfolio.

Sennheiser CC 510

Incredibly robust and highly durable, the Sennheiser CC 510 is guaranteed to take a licking and keep on ticking.  This over-the-head monaural headset offers excellent sound quality with the aid of its noise-canceling microphone, which may be adjusted to your preference for maximum clarity.  Extreme comfort is achieved with the headband’s comfort pads and padded ear cap.  This innovative design helps to keep you comfortable during a long day at the office.  With Sennheiser’s Activegard technology, you can enjoy high-powered sound all without suffering from acoustic shock.  The CC 510 allows you to be productive in the noisiest of environments.

Sennheiser BW 900

The Sennheiser BW 900 is the perfect solution for the busy office setting.  Oozing innovation, this is the very first wireless office headset to offer multi-connectivity and a 100 meter range.  The BW 900 frees you of restrictions, allowing calls to made and received from practically anywhere in the office.  Compatible with nearly any Bluetooth device, this headset allows you the seamlessly switch between calls from the office phone to your PC with the easy push of a button.  One of the BW 900's greatest attributes is Adaptive Intelligence, Sennheiser’s patented technology that helps to filter out background nosie while automatically adjusting the settings for personalized comfort.

Sennheiser VMX 100

Compact, lightweight and ergonomically appealing, the Sennheiser VMX 100 offers the ultimate in clarity and comfort.  You will enjoy crystal clear communications with the implementation of noise reduction technology while an innovative 3D ball joint provides flexibility for a personalized fit on your ear.  Clarity and comfort can also be enhanced with the adjustable boom microphone that moves up and down with ease.  This headset is easy to use and extremely compatible as it works with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.  Utilizing superior sound quality from Sennheiser’s renown music recording and reproduction technology, the VMX 100 represents the revolutionary era of the wireless headset.

Sennheiser VMX Office

Understanding that mobile phones play a huge role in today’s office setting, Sennheiser developed a viable solution in the VMX Office.  This headset is ideal for busy office professionals as it integrates with the office and mobile phone.  The VMX Office is loaded with features including the ability to switch between a phone and PC at the touch of button.  Energy-efficient, this office comrade automatically powers up when opened and then conveniently shuts down when closed, freeing you from the worry of limited standby time.  Well designed and incredibly lightweight, the VMX Office offers a comfortable fit for the duration of a grueling work day.