Save on your phone bill and manage your mobiles to the power of three!

Recently we’ve been talking about LiGo Bluewave’s ability to eliminate dead spots, reduce mobile phone radiation and cut your landline costs. But there’s also one major plus to this piece of kit that can benefit your family life and your business. That’s the ability to divert up to 3 mobile phones through your Bluewave hub at any one time.

How could connecting multiple mobiles help me cut my home phone bill

liGo Bluewave

It’s simple really. Because Bluewave allows you to make and receive calls from your mobile via your home handsets you’re bypassing those landline call charges and making full use of your mobile tariff – which may well include precious free minutes and special deals for your most used numbers.

It follows that if you’ve got multiple mobile accounts running in your home then you can connect them all to the system and maximise those savings. That’s particularly handy if you’re counting the cost of an expensive teenager’s phone habits. By routing their mobiles through Bluewave you can ensure that you’re in control of the tariff they’re talking on and there aren’t any nasty surprises when your next phone bill arrives.

What are the benefits of multiple mobile connections for my business?

Whatever size of business you’re managing on-going running costs can soon mount up. But you need to give your people the freedom to operate without being inhibited by phone bills. Particularly if you’ve got a business contract with agreed call rates on multiple handsets, by hooking 3 mobiles up to your Bluewave hub you’ll eliminate expensive landline call charges but without any loss of functionality or call quality.

liGo Bluewave 3 Mobiles

You can even set up call waiting and different ring tones for each handset, so that you know exactly who’s calling and the best person to answer. That gives you the ability to handle all your calls efficiently but without those ever increasing landline costs.

Want to know more? Check out our guide to how Bluewave works for a simple demonstration of the benefits!