Save money on your electricity bill with a TreeGreen energyEGG

Are you living in a home with people that don’t share your concern for the environment (or your energy bills)? Do you find yourself walking round switching off all the lights in empty rooms (left on by others of course)? There are a number of innovative new ways to turn your abode into a Smart Home that automatically switches does this kind of thing for you (with app controlled heating & lighting) but not all of us have the funds to adopt these state of the art devices. However, the affordable and easy to use energyEgg (developed by Brian O’Reilly - driven to invention to deal with the energy wasted by his family members) could be a good place to TreeGreen energyEGGstart.

What is the energyEGG?

The energyEgg is an intuitive device that consists of a mains power adaptor that connects wirelessly to and is controlled by the stylish egg shaped sensor. Utilising patented SitStill technology, which has the ability to detect the difference between an empty room and one in which people are simply still, the energyEGG makes keeping your home more energy efficient so much easier.

Straightforward set-up & easy-to-use

Simply plug the adaptor into a mains power socket (you connect a four-way power splitter for connecting multiple devices) and push the button on top of the energyEgg; the LED on the adaptor should switch from rapid flashing to slow flashing at which point push the button on the energyEgg again to finish pairing them. You can set the period of delay before the egg will cut power from a convenient dial on the bottom so you can still pop to the loo or make yourself a cuppa without having to worry.

An energyEGG network

There are a whole range of energyegg products available that help to make your home more energy efficient. From additional adaptors (up to 12 can be used with 1 egg), power strips, and even light switches. And if you stayed switch to BBC2 at 9pm this Sunday 23rd February (or catch up on BBC iPlayert) you’ll see TreeGreen director and inventor Brian O’Reilly try and win over the panel on Dragon’s Den.

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