Extending the range of your cordless phones with the RTX repeater is made easy, with our handy guide for registration.

If you have already tried to set-up your repeater unsuccessfully, please reset your repeater (by plugging it in for 5 seconds, removing for 5 seconds, plugging it back in for 30 seconds, and then removing it) before moving on to the steps provided below. You will need to carry out this procedure in the vicinity of your cordless phone’s base station (main unit connected to your phone line):

For registering the RTX repeater with Gigaset phones:

  1. Disable ECO MODE in Settings and enable MAX RANGE (Handset).
  2. Disable ENCRYPTION in Settings > System (Handset).
  3. Press paging button on the phone base for 5 seconds.Press the button on the back of the repeater for 5 seconds.
  4. Repeater should flash quickly.
  5. On handset press button "3", then green call button, wait 2 secs and press *.
  6. Press red end call button - the repeater should be now green.



For registering the RTX repeater with all other models:

Step 1: Put your phone into registration mode

  • Locate the page/intercom/find button on your phone’s base unit (this is the bigger unit which is plugged into your phone point).
  • Push the button and hold it for 3-5 seconds – you may hear a beep or a pulsing sound after doing this (depending on the model of the phone). The phone is now in registration mode and ready to be registered with the repeater.

Step 2: Registering the repeater

  • Insert the repeater’s power plug for 2-3 seconds in the socket and then remove it. Insert it once more and leave it there. The LED on the repeater should now flash very quickly without interruptions.
  • The registration should take up to 1 minute to complete.

When the LED on the repeater stops flashing and has a constant green light, this means the repeater is now registered.


If this fails to work, try resetting the repeater and going through the procedure again. Alternatively, contact our highly-trained Customer Service staff for further support.