The RTX 8630 IP DECT SME VOIP System – a simple cost-effective solution for small businesses

RTX 8630 IP DECTEven with the increase in popularity of email, social media, and various other modes of online communication, telecommunication still remains a necessity for any organisation hoping to succeed. However, finding a viable solution to the demands of a growing volume of incoming and outgoing calls can be a minefield...

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The arrival of the 8630 IP DECT from RTX heralds a cost effective and simple solution for small organisations offering mobility for up to 200 users, outstanding HD audio quality, ease-of-use, and state of the art functionality. Allowing users to avoid the pitfalls of more traditional and soon to be erstwhile PBX systems, which still remain costly to install, boast far less features, and can include long-term operation and maintenance costs.

Key features:

  • Compliant with GAP and CAT-iq
  • 2" TFT display screen with a graphical user interface
  • Seamless handover
  • Wideband 2-way speaker phone support
  • Supports the G.722 codec wideband audio
  • Complete with a 3.5mm handset connector
  • Can be used in silent/vibration mode
  • High quality audio
  • Repeater support (compatible repeater available here)
  • Easy to follow instructions to guide you through the setup process
  • Can store up to as much as 3000 central phonebook entries and 100 local entries

RTX 8630 IP


RTX 8630 IP DECT HandsetRTX 8430 IP DECT HandsetPerhaps the most appealing aspect of the RTX 8630 is the ease with which it can be expanded, thus preventing the cost and upheaval of replacing a cheap system when it is no longer adequate or else the expense of installing an unnecessarily advanced system from the offset. The RTX 8630 IP DECT Base is expandable by up to 200 SIP accounts, 200 handsets, and 40 bases, allowing for up to 8/10 simultaneous narrow band calls or 5 in wide band frequency mode. There are a choice of two stylish handsets: the entry level RTX 8430 IP, and the RTX 8630 IP.

For an affordable telephone system capable of growing with your business the RTX 8630 IP DECT looks set to become the go-to choice. Pre-order yours from liGo today here.