Today, we're reviewing the Roberts Stream 94i DAB and internet radio. This is a Roberts radio that does it all, from analogue radio to Spotify Connect and multiroom connectivity. But has it got the sound quality to match- and is it worth the high price tag? We put it to the test in another of our in-depth reviews. Read on to find out what we thought!

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Design & build

Roberts are perhaps best-known for their classic Revival series, which has been in production since the 1950s. However, they also produce a range of other models- including the Stream 94i. This radio is a little more modern than the Revival, with a real-wood casing and sleek front panel with clearly labelled controls. One knob controls the volume, while the other is used to tune the radio- an old-school touch which we appreciate very much. On top, there's a flexible leatherette carry handle which looks very nice, along with making it easy to take out and about with you.

There's also a full-colour screen, too. Not only does this make navigating the Stream 94i's menus that little bit easier to navigate, but it also means it's capable of displaying album artwork and other info sent out by radio stations.

Roberts Stream 94i Design

Sound performance

Despite it's fairly compact size, the Roberts Stream 94i still packs a powerful punch, with three integrated speakers. On the front, there are twin tweeters for full stereo sound, while a subwoofer on the back gives a real bass kick. It's uncommon to see even two speakers on a radio of this size, let alone a subwoofer- most, including Roberts' Revival series, are only mono. That jump to stereo is immediately noticeable when comparing it with a mono model, but the Stream 94i also provides beautifully rich, warm audio.

Roberts Stream 94i Sound

All of these speakers give the Stream 94i an excellent handle on dynamics, too. Whatever you're listening to, it's never left playing catch-up. From speech stations to classical to rock and pop, we found the Stream 94i consistently sounds superb. And with so much content to listen to, you'll soon find that out for yourself...


The Roberts Stream 94i is more than just a regular radio. It comes packed with a huge range of features that allow users to listen to pretty much anything they want. Along with DAB and FM modes, it also includes internet radio, too. This gives you access to more than 30,000 global stations broadcasting just about every type of content you can imagine. Whether you're into niche international sports, specific subgenres of music, or just want to check out what's out there, the Stream 94i is an excellent choice for all radio lovers.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, though. Thanks to that internet connectivity, the Roberts Stream 94i can be controlled through the UNDOK app, which also makes it multiroom-compatible. Connect it up with other speakers that also use the app, and you can choose what plays where, all from your smartphone. For those who would rather leave their mobile in their pocket, there's also a remote control in the box as well.

Roberts Stream 94i Features

Its immediate predecessor, the Stream 93i, was missing Bluetooth connectivity. Thankfully, Roberts have fixed this omission for the 94i. That means you can link up your smartphone or tablet to play content through the speaker. And for physical connectivity, there's an aux-in port as well as USB input. It can even connect to your PC over your home WiFi network to play local files, making this a very smart radio indeed.

The Stream 94i can also be made portable with an optional battery pack. This is quite an expensive addition: £35 on top of the money you've already forked out for the radio. That being said, the Stream 94i is a pretty substantial radio, so it would eat through regular AA batteries very quickly if they were an option.

Roberts Stream 94i: The Verdict

It's hard to find even a single fault with the Roberts Stream 94i. It offers just about every method of connectivity you could ask for, along with excellent sound quality for a medium-sized radio. That means you get plenty of bang for your buck, and with so many listening options, you'll never get tired of tuning in!

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