Coping with the rising cost of living in larger homes

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like there’s nothing but doom and gloom in the news? Constant talk of economic crisis can wear you down – but at the moment there aren’t many people out there who can ignore the situation. The rising cost of living in the UK means that most of us are engaged in some kind of belt-tightening exercise.

Some might assume that if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a large home then this isn’t your problem. But nothing could be further from the truth. Many people living in larger homes bought when our economy was booming – blissfully unaware of the recession that was looming, just waiting to reduce their equity as house prices fall. Not to mention rising council tax costs, energy tariffs and, of course, phone bills. In a larger home, all of these are exacerbated due to the level of services you need to keep the building running.

boost mobile reception with liGo Bluewave

If you’re worried about the rising cost of living and how you can keep your home economical we can’t solve all your problems. But we can introduce you to liGO Bluewave – an increasingly popular consumer choice for people who are sick of paying over the odds for their landline.

Eliminate your landline, eliminate heavy phone bills

By using the liGO Bluewave hub to route your mobile calls through any handset in your home – cordless or not – you can enjoy the following benefits:

Reduced phone bills:
Your mobile probably offers you free or cheap minutes. So why waste them? Even if your mobile isn’t charged, you can’t find it or it’s not near you when it rings you can make and received every single call via your mobile through the nearest available handset, cleverly bypassing landline call charges.

Better use of space:
If you suffer from dead mobile reception in your home or office you may be restricted as to where you can use your mobile. In larger buildings this could have a knock-on effect to other areas where the rising cost of living is impacting. If, for example, you can’t get reception in your office but need to make a lot of business calls you could end up having to heat and light a different part of the premises just to be able to get around the problem But with Bluewave you can place the hub in an optimised reception spot, divert your calls, and set up a handset that’s conveniently placed to keep energy costs and space usage to a minimum.

More control:
If others are using mobiles but you’re footing the phone bill then it’s vital you keep a tight rein on costs. You can’t follow your family or employees around all day monitoring their phone usage. But you can ensure that their calls are diverted through Bluewave. In that way you’re guaranteed that every call they make and receive will default to your mobile contract, and that means that you can benefit from more competitive tariffs.

Sounds interesting? We’ve got lots more information on the main Bluewave site, including a video showing you how it works, customer reviews, and our Bluewave shop where you can enjoy discounted rates on the hub and accessories.