Follow these simple steps to get your repeater set up with your Gigaset phones in no time so that you can enjoy increased cordless phone range throughout your home:



1 Put your phone into registration mode

  • Locate the page/intercom/find button on your phone’s base unit (this is the bigger unit which is plugged into your phone point).
  • Push the button and hold it for 3-5 seconds – you may hear a beep or a pulsing sound after doing this (depending on the model of the phone). The phone is now in registration mode and ready to be registered with the repeater.

2 Registering the repeater

  • Insert the repeater’s power plug for 2-3 seconds in the socket and then remove it. Insert it once more and leave it there. The LED on the repeater should now flash very quickly without interruptions.
  • The registration should take up to 1 minute to complete.

When the LED on the repeater stops flashing and has a constant red light, this means the repeater is now registered.

How To

Here is a quick video to show you how to set up the device when pairing it with a Gigaset phone system.

For this video we are using the RTX repeater available here. These instructions should work similarly for most makes and models of repeater and gigaset phones.

Written instructions are below.

For Panasonic phones and other makes please see the companion article here, for repeater registration on other phones.


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