We all know that in the UK the cost of living is rising at a rate of knots – and one of the areas where the recession is hitting hard is the cost of running your home. Heating, electricity and rising phone bills are all a concern in these belt-tightening times.

The news isn’t all bad though. As a consumer, you have the power to get smart with how you use your phones, who else is using them, and what they’re using them for. Plus there’s a whole heap of technology out there these days that can help you to stay one step ahead of your landline provider.

If you’re looking to cut your home phone bill then read on for our 10 top tips that are easy to apply and will genuinely save you money.

1. Eliminate landline call charges from your phone bill

liGo Bluewave

There’s no doubt about it – many landline providers are now pushing their tariffs from the realms of unaffordable into the realms of just plain exorbitant. That’s why liGo Bluewave was introduced to the UK market. It enables you to make as many outgoing calls as you choose on any handset you choose, but the call routes through your mobile. That means you can make maximum use of the free minutes or cheap rates you enjoy on your mobile tariff. Plus you won’t get caught out if you need to make a call but your mobile’s not near you.

2. Control secondary users to control your phone bill

If you have an angst ridden teenager - or even an adventurous toddler - in the house then keeping track of your phone bill can be nigh on impossible.

But you can pair up to 3 mobiles with the Bluewave hub – meaning that whenever anyone dials out you can ensure each and every call is charged at predictable mobile rates rather than per minute on costly landline rates. What’s more, if you can let your teenagers chat at their leisure you might just avoid an explosion of “it’s not fair” and a massive family row.

3. Get rid of your landline altogether

It’s not just landline call charges that cost – it’s line rental too. Many Bluewave customers are finding that the hub delivers such clear, reliable service that they simply don’t need their landline any more. Go on…give your landline provider the push. You’ll feel empowered, we promise…

4. Get some Skype in your life


Skype used to be the domain of the internet but it’s come on a long way since the early days. Nowadays you can get sophisticated Skype compatible handsets that let you take advantage of cheap and free Skype rates without even owning a PC – let alone switching one on. We’ve got a run down of the latest Skype phones to help you find the right model for you.

5. Shop around online

Even if you’ve already got your mobile linked up to liGo Bluewave and you’re enjoying those cost savings, there’s no harm in reviewing your mobile tariff to make absolutely sure you’re getting the best deal on your phone bill. Use a price comparison site or go straight to the provider and do your homework. Look carefully at the small print including data usage, the cost of texts, any numbers that aren’t included in your free minutes and any hidden charges. Trust us, it’s well worth doing this research and knowing your tariff inside out to make sure your mobile phone bill is always predictable.

6. Do the maths

Following on from number 5, when you phone bill arrives take the time to actually look at it. OK, we know it’s boring. But if you don’t review what you’re spending in detail you won’t have any idea what services you’re actually using and you won’t be in a position to negotiate the best possible rate. That applies to both your mobile and your landline. Be disciplined. You’ll be glad you were in the end.

7. Bring your business phone bill into the equation

Why just save on home phone bills? It makes sense to ensure your business running costs are as low as possible as well. The Bluewave hub is just as adaptable to an office environment as a home environment and can pair up to 3 mobiles at a time. That’s perfect if you’re running multiple mobiles on a business tariff and want to make sure that every call your staff makes will save you money.

8. Take care with premium numbers

Bluewave can help you cut your home and office phone bills – but don’t get caught out by premium rate numbers. Often prefaces like 0870 carry extortionate charges on mobile tariffs but can actually be free or cheaper via a landline. Be aware of what your mobile provider charges for different numbers. Have a list on the wall somewhere so that you can check quickly. If the number carries serious charges on your mobile you can simply switch your call via the Bluewave hub so that you’re benefiting from cheaper landline rates for that particular number.

9. Watch your voicemail

Think you’ve got free voicemail? Not necessarily. Many mobile providers include a number of voicemail minutes in your free tariff. If you go over that allocation you could find your new mobile phone bill quickly mounts up. So check your tariff, keep track and you’ll keep your costs under control.

10. Harness the power of the internet

When you’re looking to cut your phone bill the internet truly is your friend. Looking for a phone number? Don’t call a directory service – they’re likely to cost you whether you’re calling via your landline or mobile. It’s fast and easy these days to find virtually any phone number online. It’s also worth making the switch to paperless billing. Most providers are keen to issue phone bills online and will offer financial incentives to those who sign up.

If you’re interested in the cost saving benefits of liGo Bluewave visit our main site and find out how this new technology can help you save money on your phone bill, eliminate mobile dead spots and free up when and how you use your phone.