People are more daring than ever with their outdoor activities.  Some do it to relieve stress while others take risks for the mere thrill.  When trying to have fun, one should always keep safety in mind, especially when it comes to more adventurous activities.  By their nature, the most exciting adventures are not too far removed from mishaps and dangers.

With so many things to get into these days, there has never been more opportunities to pick up your gear and hit the road.  The true adrenaline junky has a wide range of activities to partake in and the latest in communications technology can offer numerous benefits along the way.

Walkie Talkies on the Slopes

People rarely go skiing by themselves.  That wouldn’t be fun at all.  These adventures usually involve a nice blend of experienced and novice skiers with a few aspiring snowboarders mixed in between.  Because of the different experience levels, it’s simply not practical for everyone to hit the slopes together.  At the same time, its always a good idea to have a way to stay in touch so the gang can meet up for lunch and make sure everyone made it through.  Due to the fact that cell phones typically do not work in ski resorts and mountainside areas, the two-way radio makes a perfect solution.  The Doro WT87 Walkie Talkie with Twin Throat Mic enables hands-free communications while pushing your way to the finish line, providing excellent sound by filtering out 90% of the background noise. There is no need to worry about all those expensive roaming charges as you and your mates can designate the meeting place at no charge.

Two-ways to the Top

Everyone is looking to scale their way to the top as rock climbing and abseiling have become extremely popular.  Sure to deliver a rush, such activities also call for you to make safety a top priority.  One false move could lead to injuries and worse in some cases.  This is the very reason why more thrill seekers are bringing along two-way radios on their climbing missions.  The Motorola TLKR T7 Long Range Walkie Talkie offers up to a 10 km range to keep in touch with your mates while scaling towards the heavens.   Lightweight and compact, this baby will fit comfortably right on your trusty utility belt.

Multi-purpose Communications

Water sports also make for a great time.  Many people are now carrying their two-way radios for activities such as kayaking, sailing and wind surfing. In fact, models such as the Uniden PMR885 are both water and shock resistant to ensure long lasting and dependable service regardless of outdoor conditions.

Others prefer to keep their adventures on the ground to enjoy the outdoors on foot.  Whether it’s a camping trip, winding through the trails or something a little more rugged, the two-way radio comes in handy and can offer crystal clear communications over the most unlikely terrains.  Many of the new models offer built-in security to keep your business confidential when it’s time to radio in a private meeting.  Throw in the benefit of not having to pay costly network charges and exceptional battery life and you have a solution that works on and off water, to the mountain top and down below.

Two-way radios are great for a range of events including trekking and mountain biking or something more challenging such as rock climbing and skiing.  This technology allows everyone to go and do their own thing while promoting safety and a way to get in touch.