For new parents, being away and unaware of what baby is doing can be a source of stress and constant worry. Fortunately, devices such as the baby monitor enable parents to have an eye on what’s going on even when they can't be physically present in the baby’s room.

The classic baby monitor takes the form of a basic radio transceiver system, which allows audio from the baby’s room to be picked up and transmitted to another receiver where ever the parent might be. While this basic system has brought plenty of parents plenty of peace of mind over the years by providing them with an extra set of ears, advancements in the availability of technology has enhanced the capabilities of the baby monitor to include things such as video monitoring and even smart phone integration.

Always In View

With a device such as the Withings Smart Baby Monitor, it becomes possible to keep track of your baby monitor no matter where you are. The Smart Baby Monitor seamlessly integrates with your iPhone or other iOS device. Once installed and configured, anywhere your smart phone works and can pick up and internet connection, you will be able to access the feed and receive high quality audio and video straight from your child's room. The Smart Baby Monitor from Withings even enables some degree of remote control, allowing you to pan, tilt or zoom the camera around the room with simple finger gestures on your device.


A Watchful Eye Night And Day

Equipped with infrared cameras, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor is able to keep you in view of your child even when the lights are out. Night mode is activated immediately when the cameras sensors detect low light conditions. The infrared light is invisible to human eyes, but can provide a surprisingly detailed and crisp image. This allows you to have eyes on your child even when it is in the dark, letting you check in on the little one without interrupting their sleep.

Even More Smart Phone Integration

The WithBaby app allows the Withings Smart Baby monitor to deliver additional information to your smart phone, such as data about the temperature and humidity within the nursery. The app is also capable of alerting users whenever it detects audio or motion on its camera. This additional information allows you to know how the babies environment is, which can be crucial information to keeping them comfortable and happy.

withings baby monitor screenshots

Serenade Or Communicate

In addition to monitoring the audio in the nursery, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor also has a speaker which parents can use to talk to their child through their smart phone, or it can be utilised with the built-in music player feature to allow parents to dynamically control the music in the nursery from their smart phone.