Punkt cordless phone

Punkt’s approach to technology is all about making things easier. Because, let’s face it, we grapple with so many complications in modern life that jumping through hoops to make a phone call is the last thing anyone needs.

That’s why we’re loving Punkt’s new cordless phone concept. The DP 01 DECT answerphone not only takes practical, intuitive use to a whole new level, it’s also a stylish little number. Here are 5 ways in which it will add value to your life:

A new approach to hands-free: By reversing the traditional cradling position so that the dial and display face outwards, not inwards, Punkt have removed the need to pick your phone up to see who’s calling. You can dial numbers, check caller ID and monitor the visual display at a glance – ultimately convenient as well as useful in guarding against unwelcome or unknown calls.

Versatile positioning: Clever use of magnetic design gives you the choice of table or wall mounted positioning without losing the hands-free cradling ability.

Compact yet clear: Slick and streamlined this model may be, but at the same time Punkt have built in user friendly large buttons and a clear, large icon display that gives great visibility from any angle.

Scope for multiple phone points: Punkt have introduced clever performance that gives you up to 7 cordless handsets with just a single phone point.

Good looking: There’s something inherently satisfying about Punkt’s contoured yet solid design – the elegance of a minimalist model but with a reassuringly high quality feel. A choice of finish in cool white, sleek black or eye-catching red will suit most tastes and interior decors.

The Punkt DP 01 is on the market now, retailing at around £159.00. Check out more cordless phones for homes and businesses here.