Protect your mobile battery life with liGo Bluewave


We all know the feeling. You’re just on the verge of making that important call when you realise your mobile’s about to die. Especially when the call is urgent or business related that can spell disaster.

Of course you could just plug your charger in, but then you’ll find yourself bent double during a sales pitch or family catch-up as you try to accommodate an inexplicably short charger lead. But the alternative is the potential embarrassment of your mobile battery life giving up the ghost halfway through a vital conversation with your boss, client or grandmother.

What’s more, charging your mobile for short periods can cause your mobile battery life to deteriorate faster than it should, causing you to replace your battery more often than necessary. But liGo has a simple solution that can make this a problem of the past.

How can liGo Bluewave protect my mobile battery life?

liGo Bluewave

It’s simple. By routing your mobile through the Bluewave hub you can handle all of your mobile calls (incoming and outgoing) through any landline handset in your home or office. As soon as you’ve plugged the hub in your mobile calls will divert through your handset with no loss of sound quality. That means that your mobile can sit and charge quite happily whilst you get on with all your calls free from worry.

Don’t forget as well that mobile providers recommend full charge and full discharge to maximise your mobile battery life. In other words, you should always run your battery right down before fully charging your phone – instead of charging it frequently when the battery is still half full. Bluewave gives you the freedom to do this without disrupting your day, preserving your mobile battery life for optimum performance.

Does Bluewave do anything else?

Of course! Preserving your mobile battery life is just one of the advantages of Bluewave. By routing your mobile through a handset you can enjoy the convenience of a landline throughout your home or office, but without the ever-increasing landline call charges. By placing your hub in an optimum reception spot you can bypass dead reception spots but still enjoy a full service. And that’s just the start. Check out our video guide to find out exactly how it works!