One of the coolest features of Oral-B's lines of toothbrushes is their ability to easily change brush heads. Utilising this ability to make a much more feature rich product, the engineers at Oral-B have crafted a series of OralB_heads_mediumdifferent brush heads geared towards specialised cleaning tasks with the aim of being used in some combination to get the most clean possible. Typically, users stick with one brush head type or change them out occasionally, usually staying with the same brush head for at least a few brushing sessions.

Below, we'll examine four common types of Oral-B brush heads and look at some of their pros and cons.

Oral-B Floss Action

The Oral-B Floss action features a pretty interesting design which allows small rubble paddles on the exterior rim of the brush head to penetrate between teeth and actually provide a flossing action during normal brushing. This is excellent for, well, just about everyone as it makes it much easier to clean between the teeth and makes your mouth a much less hospitable place for bacteria or debris to hide. While the Floss Action can do some amazing things, it is not quite a replacement for flossing as there are still some areas it will probably never reach.

PROS: Provides an excellent clean for the whole tooth and even in between teeth and hard to reach ares.

CONS: Enlarged brush head size to accommodate the flossing paddles. Not an actual replacement for flossing.

Oral-B 3D White

Designed to brush the teeth in three dimensions simultaneously, the 3D White brush head has quite a lot going on with lots of moving parts. It provides cleaning action over the whole surface of the tooth and attempts to whiten by removing surface stains and other build up.

PROS: Cleans well over the whole teeth. Has some whitening action.

CONS: Polishing and whitening action and 3D nature may cause difficulties for sensitive teeth.

Oral-B Sensitive Clean

Oral-B's Sensitive Clean brush heads are made with those with sensitive teeth or gums in mind. Providing a soothing experience, the brush head is designed for a low-intensity and low-impact experience which still leaves you feeling fresh and squeaky clean.

PROS: Great for anyone with sensitive teeth or gums

CONS: Gentle action may reduce cleaning capacity compared to full-powered brush heads

Oral-B Trizone

The Trizone is something of a generic brush head in the land of Oral-B interchangeables. It has a fairly basic design consisting of the three zones of the brush head from which it takes its name. Trizone brush heads feature are good for an all around clean, but lack some of the specialisation of other items on the list.

PROS: Provides a good clean. Compatible with a range of Oral-B brushes.

CONS: Simple design doesn't provide as excellent cleaning capabilities as other Oral-B Brush heads.

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