Philips electrifies the mood with a new product guaranteed to cause an uproar in the industry and the bedroom.

Known for bringing us the best in electronics, Philips is gearing up to launch its most controversial product in more than 100 years.  The company plans to start off in British bedrooms with its Warm Intimate Massager, a unique vibrating device with an ergonomic appeal to put couples in the mood.   Though tucked under the covers, the product has actually been in development for two years.  The secret is out as the Warm Intimate Massager will be up for grabs in Boots and Selfridges as well as the popular online retailers.   If the new bedroom aid takes off, couples could be getting their frills from the medicine aisle rather than closed curtains.  Instead of concealing it in the dresser drawer, this piece of pleasure could become a table ornament.

It’s no surprise that the Massager has sent mixed vibrations throughout the market and even the company itself.  Internal executives are worried about the impact it will have on its household appliance image.  While the risks are high, Philips is intent with pushing through, trying to erect the sales performance of the manufacturer’s consumer business.  Philip’s intentions were made vividly clear with a screening that included a rather visual presentation to the board of directors.

Before Philip’s innovative Incubator team was given the green light, the company launched an all out blitz to study consumer attitudes and behaviour .  According to the research, the numbers showed a definite interest in the new product with a bit of reluctance as well.  A Philips survey revealed that out of couples ages 35 to 55, 35% were open to the idea.  Among them, usage levels rose to 42%.

This is quite possibly not the exact results they were seeking but Philips is rising to the occasion, convinced that the potential market for such a solution is huge.  Similar products in the UK total around £75 million in sales.  Philips is confident that its Massager could expand the market with an additional £60 million.

So why is Philips so sure about this stimulating innovation?  Mainly because the product is targeted at couples, apparently offering features designed to tickle the fancies of both partners.  Sheila Struyck of Philips says they are going after dedicated couples who are turned off by the smutty nature of existing pleasure devices.  She goes on to say that some men are intimated by the overwhelming products sold in sex stores, lingerie shops and those secret parties women often attend.  The Warm Intimate Massager offers something for both partners and isn’t intended to be a substitute for one or the other - this way, no one is left out of the fun.

The world renown electronics company is hoping this small package will make a cozy Christmas gift, especially since it is “anti-penetrative”.  Philips feels that presentation is the key, which explains why the massager has such a user-friendly appeal.  Ms. Struyck says they don’t want consumers to feel embarrassed when taking it up to the counter.  Boasting the Philips logo, onlookers will probably assume it’s a clock radio.

Dual pleasure isn’t cheap these days as the Intimate Massager is will be priced at around  £89.99.  According to Philips, this price range is suited for middle-class lovers who don't want to feel as if they’re saving their relationship with something cheap and sleezy.