For years, most Bluetooth headsets have carried the same style, boasted the same features and pretty much cranked out the same performance.  Fortunately, Plantronics is a company that tends to bring something new to the table, giving us Bluetooth in ways that we have not quite experienced.  This time it’s the Voyater 815, oozing innovation while providing that hands-free freedom we’ve all come to know and love.


The innovation of the Voyager 815 is actually found within its in-ear style earbud and the sliding boom microphone.  The unit carries the classic look of a Plantronics headset with a silver strip outlining its sleek black plastic, adding much appeal to the design.  While everyone is not a fan of the earbud, the Voyager 815 is actually comfortable due to its light weight.  Even better, its durable and should be able to sustain a few mishaps - just don’t go overboard.

The sliding boom mic is perhaps its most unique feature.  You would think there would be a lock or something to fasten the mic but it just slides down with ease.  It even has a little button that allows you to answer and end calls.


We put the Voyager 815 through a number of sound tests to find out if the performance was up to par.  The outgoing quality is nothing short of amazing.  The person on the other end will be able to hear you without static, crackling or any weird echoing.  We were very impressed with the outgoing quality to say the least.  However, most of these positive findings were taken from a quiet environment.  The Voyager 815 isn’t the background sound slayer we thought it would be as some of our mates got a bit annoyed when testing a few calls. The boom mic does help by allowing you to extend it but you can only do so much to block out a crowd of noisy people.  So if you have some important matters you need to discuss, make sure it’s done in a quite setting.

ConclusionThe Plantronics Voyager 815 could definitely serve as your primary Bluetooth headset.  The earbuds are just right - blocking out just enough of the background nosie while allowing you to focus on the conversation.  When the surrounding sounds get too loud, you can always wander off for privacy which of course, is the beauty of Bluetooth.  The lightweight design provides a near perfect fit and promises not to wear down the ear.  Audio quality is exceptional and when its quiet, the person on the other comes in perfectly.