Phone headsets aren't generally known for their good looks.  Sound quality - yes.  Fancy features - sometimes.  Embarrassment factor - absolutely.  But every now and again, an exception (or two) can come along and blow your mind with a sensory grenade.  That's exactly what Plantronics have done with their latest top offerings from the Encore Pro range.  Prepare to be amazed at the use of the words and phrases such as "sleek", "comfortable" and "incredibly adjustable" in conjunction with the following descriptions of these top of the class phone headsets!

No, it's not all some crazy idea locked away in the brain of a madman or featured in in a ropey soap-opera dream plot.  Plantronics have broken the mould with two foxy phone headsets, the Encore Pro HW291N monaural headset and the Encore Pro HW391N binaural headset. And what makes them foxy?  Well for one thing, they actually look really good.  Seriously.  These are headsets that you can wear with pride due to their sleek modern design and trim lightweight frame.

The Encore Pro headsets are also tops when it comes to comfort.  Regardless of whether you're using the monaural or binaural model, you'll feel as if you're wearing nothing at all...and amazingly, that feeling continues for the rest of the day.  This isn't just because the frame is lighter that your average footballer's brain but is also due to the fact that the earpieces are thicker and larger, encapsulating your lugs in glorious cushioned softness. The low slung mic even keeps the pesky boom out of your face, enhancing the feeling of comfort that bit further.

Adjustablity is another major benefit of these headsets.  The seven axes of adjustability - adjustable points all over the heasdset - allow it to be more flexible than a contortionist and makes for a more "head-hugging" fit.

If all that isn't enough, these top-notch Encore Pro headsets come with a truckload of great audio-oriented features.  Noise-cancelling and Plantronics' own Sound Enhancement System assure excellent sound quality, so there's no excuse for hearing-related slip-ups.  Wideband audio and enhanced echo control technology have made the Encore Pro range a top candidate for VoIP usage and ready for anything the future may hold.

Here at liGo we're offering the HW291N for a very reasonable £104.99 and the HW301N for only £139.99.  Invest in the best and plug in, baby!