Mobility can often be the key to success for most modern professionals. The ability to ‘get up and go’ at a moment's notice can often clinch a deal or gain a significant business advantage.

The fluent nature of modern commerce increasingly relies on mobile technology to bring together the various ways that we communicate in one place - and UC (unified communications) systems are continually being developed to allow modern communications devices to interact with one another.

The groundbreaking, Savi Go intelligent wireless headset is the latest in a line of revolutionary UC products from Plantronics. As the name suggests, the Savi-Go headset is intuitive to use and has been designed for mobile business professionals to stay on the move. SaviGo allows seamless switching between softphone calls on laptops/PCs and calls on mobile phones.

Switch between calls on your PC and mobile at the touch of a button

The Savi Go incorporates multi point technology that enables calls to be alternated between a laptop or PC and a mobile phone – at the simple touch of a button. The Savi Go is optimised for use with MS Office Communicator 2007 and an alternative version, enhanced for other UC platforms, is set to be released later this year.

Incorporating Class 1 Bluetooth technology

The SaviGo headset needs no complicated installation and comes with its own Class 1 Bluetooth USB adapter with A2DP for high quality wireless stereo streaming from other UC Bluetooth devices to the headset. The adapter simply plugs in to a USB socket, allowing the Savi Go to be used up to 200 feet away from the PC or laptop.

Noise cancelling features - Ideal for fast-paced business environments

Perfect for the hustle and bustle of daily business life, the headset is comfortable to wear for hours of effective use and supported by wideband technology that delivers the highest audio precision for crystal clear sound.

So, no matter how noisy the surrounding environment, the Savi Go allows the headset wearer to comfortably hear the caller and the superb quality extended boom, with noise cancelling microphone, ensures that the user can always be clearly heard - with minimum interference. The intelligent Plantronics-Savi Go is easily operated by a single button on the headset that provides remote answer/end, volume up/down and mute controls.

Discreet charging stand - Choice of wearing styles

This top quality headset is supplied with a discreet charging stand to keep your desk clutter-free and comes with PerSono software suite to help manage PC audio and calling. One of the best looking wireless headsets on the market, the ergonomic Savi Go comes in two wearing styles - easy-fit ear loops and over the head versions are available for maximum comfort.

Part of the new Plantronics Savi Series

The Savi Go is part of Plantronics' new Savi series of headsets and has two counterpart models:

Savi Office Headset edition

Savi Office Headset -over-the -ear edition

The Savi Office wireless headsets are UC devices that allow you to stay in touch with colleagues using a variety of telephony methods. You can mix calls taken on your PC and your office desk phone at the touch of a button. Unlike the Savi Go, which is designed exclusively for use with mobile and softphone calls.

The top quality Plantronics Savi Office models are ideally suited to fixed location offices for switching calls between desk phone calls and softphone calls on PCs or laptops.

The Plantronics Savi series will be available in the UK very soon and the various models can be pre-ordered on our liGo website.