In terms of telecommunications, technology often moves so fast that it remains hard to keep up.  With so many options available, how does one know which is the right style of headsets?  To simplify things, we have listed the most commonly used terminology that you’re sure to come across.  After going through the terms, it should be a little easier to narrow down which Plantronics headset works for you.


An amplifier makes audio louder and enables a headset to be connected with a corded phone system.  While Plantronics makes a wide variety of stand-alone amplifiers, they also manufacturer headset systems that come with built-in amplifiers.


Behind-the-head refers to a Plantronics neckband accessory that adds a bit of style to their H181/H81N and H141/H141N headsets.  This is suited for those who want a fresh alternative look when sporting their headsets.


Bluetooth is a leading wireless technology that utilizes short-range radio signals to enable communications.  It has the ability to connect to almost any computing or communications device.

Call Clarity

Call Clarity is a Plantronics proprietary technology.  This system processes electronic signals and reduces noise in amplifiers to enhance transmission and reception quality.


Convertible generally describes two different wearing styles: over-the-head which offers stability and over-the-ear which makes the headset easy to put on and remove.  These headsets are pretty flexible and can be “converted” from one style to the next with ease.

Earbud/In-the-ear Style

Earbuds are small headsets with built in speakers that insert into the ear canal.  These are similar to the earphones that come included with portable media players with the exception of the microphone attached along the cord.

Firefly On-Line Indicator

Firefly is an indicator that lights up to let other people know you’re on the phone.  This feature can be found on the CT12 cordless headset.


Noise-cancelling describes a microphone design that drastically reduces the transmission of ambient noise, thus enhancing the sound quality of your headset.  A headset equipped with this feature is great in the office setting where employees are bundled together carrying on multiple conversations.


Over-the-ear describes headsets that have earloops over the ear or other designs to hold the headsets in place.

Over-the-head Binaural

Over-the-head binaural headsets are designed to filter out background noise.  The unique style delivers crystal clear transmission to both ears.

Over-the-head Monaural

In contrast to over-the-head binaural, the monaural version only delivers audio to one ear.  Unless a product states otherwise, Plantronics headsets provide monaural sound.

Quick Disconnect

Quick Disconnect is included on the H-Series headsets.  This connector is located at the end of your headset cable, allowing you to disconnect from an active call and reconnect with ease.  With Quick Disconnect you no longer have to remove the headset or put your customers on hold.

SoundGuard Plus

Implemented in Plantronics amplifiers, this automatic gain control systems provides natural voice tone while removing unnecessarily loud tones.  It also eliminates distortion and crackles.