Creeping through the ruins of some devastated French village, your heart thunders at an almost unsustainable pace as you continue to edge forward.  Your one solace is that you've got your trusty comrades with you, ready to spring into further action at your slightest command.  Suddenly, an explosion breaks the silence.  The enemy comes pouring out of doorways and hurdling over walls like a seething mass of ants.  But you and your hardened squadron are ready for them.  You take a deep breath and open your mouth to order them into battle...and then the dog starts barking.  Your commands are drowned in a cacophony of canine noise, and you and your beloved squandron are slaughtered in cold blood.

If you recognise this scenario, you are most certainly a team gamer - a team gamer lacking a decent gaming headset.  So why continue to commit virtual suicide on a nightly basis?  Feast your eyes on some of the latest top Gamecom headsets from Plantronics, one of the best headset manufacturers out there.  The models we're taking a look at are the Gamecom 367, 377 and 777, and whatever your budget there's bound to be one to please your bank manager.

There are a few features that are common to all of the Gamecom headsets, so you can rest assured that regardless of your choice you'll get the best capabilities that Plantronics provide.  All of the Gamecom headsets are sturdily built, designed to cope with even the most rigorous gaming sessions and associated fits of rage such as throwing said headset at the TV or monitor.  They even have a military "look" to them, which means that you'll look the part on the battlefield - or at least in your own mind, anyway.  The Gamecom headsets also possess a concealed mic boom that'll stay under wraps until you're ready to issue your instructions, so there's no danger of a muffled sneeze being misinterpreted as a command to walk straight into a minefield.  In-line volume and mic mute controls mean that you can adjust your audio settings without having to take your eyes off of the screen, thus allowing you to maintain your vigilance like a caffeine-loaded meerkat.  Another really wonderful feature of these top headsets is the inclusion of a noise-cancelling microphone.  You'll never have to worry about your orders sounding like they've been spoken from under a pillow again - this microphone will assure complete vocal clarity.  And if this bombardment of excellent functions isn't enough, the ear pods have been designed in such a way as to shift pressure and give your ears the luxury of supreme comfort, even in a computerised war zone.

Even with all of these shared top-of-the-range features, each Plantronic Gamecom headset has its own special offerings.  Let's take a gander at each of these Gamecom beauties!

The Plantronic Gamecom 367 Headset

At only £24.99, the Gamecom 367 may be the cheapest in the range, but it most definitely has a lot of the best Plantronic technology and their trademark superb sound quality.  Its closed ear design means that you'll hear your game and only your game - the washing machine on its spin setting samba-ing around the kitchen will never distract you from your loyal troops again.

The Plantronic Gamecom 377 Headset

Despite its hard-wearing construction, the Gamecom 377 has a surprisingly lightweight frame so that you'll never feel weighed down by your headgear.  Just think of the extra game time you can put in without the pressure of a heavy headset pushing your head into your shoulders like a tortoise.  The 377 also has an open ear design that keeps you aware of your surroundings as well as your game; should a gorgeous new neighbour knock on your door, you'll be happy to know that with the 377 you'll never miss any external action!  Great value at only £29.99.

The Plantronic Gamecom 777 Headset

This open ear headset packs an extra special punch.  Plug the Gamecom 777 into a Dolby USB soundcard and you'll be immersed in a Dolby 5.1 audio experience.  With five channels of incredible sound, you'll become so involved it'll be like you're on the battlefield!  From the call of a teammate to the scuttling of a nearby beetle, you'll hear absolutely everything with amazing clarity.  This baby is a bit more expensive, but the sound experience alone makes it worth its £64.99 price tag.

That's it folks.  The Plantronic Gamecom range offers something for all, no matter what your spending limit may be.  If you're a hardcore gamer, a Gamecom headset should be top of your Christmas list...and should Santa overlook you this year, there's no better way to start off the New Year than by treating yourself to one of Plantronics' best headsets and wiping out some bad guys.  Game on!