Bluetooth headsets have been out for several years now but they have not changed much at all. In fact they still make it look as if you walked off the set of Start Trek and they are small enough to make people think you are talking to yourself.  Earlier this year, Plantronics decided to bring some style to the market with the release of their Discovery 925.  Aside from boasting a fashionable look, these headsets come with a leather charging case and plenty of interesting features

Unique Design

The Plantronics Discovery 925 is compact and about the size of a big paper clip.  There is a square diamond at the top while the boom mic tapers down to form a triangular shape in the center.  The Discovery 925 is as light as it looks, weighing in at about 0.28 ounces.  The headset offers great comfort and surely will not weigh your ear down.  After a while you might forget that it is even on.  While it is definitely more stylish the average Bluetooth headset, people may not notice even how trendy you look because of the small size.

The square diamond does serve a purpose as it has a multifunction button on top along with an LED indicator.  Despite the smallness of the headset, the button is a nice size and easy accessible even you’ve got the piece on your ear.  The charger jack is at the top right while a volume control button is on the top left.  Instead of being able to lower and increase the volume with a simple twist, the Discovery 925 calls for you to play with the button and toggle between three different volume levels, which can be annoying for those who do not possess agile and thin fingers.

Flip the headset over and you’ll find a small earpiece that mimics the in-ear style with a gel cover for the ear tip.  The ear tip contains a square loop which enables the earpiece to fit snug into the ear without the aid of a hook.  Since some of us are packing more ear than others, the Discovery 925 comes with ear tips in the sizes of small, medium and large.  Properly inserting the earpiece takes a bit of twisting and turning but after a few adjustments, the fit feels good and secure.  Keep the boom mic in mind throughout all the maneuvering as it should be positioned at the corner of your mouth for the best voice quality.


The Discovery 925 comes with many of the Plantronics headset trademark features such as answering, terminating and rejecting calls.  There is also support for voice-dial, a last number redial function and the ability to transfer calls between the headset and your phone.  A notable addition to the Discovery 925 is the implementation of Multipoint technology.  This feature is pretty cool as it allows you to use a single headset with two separate phones.

The Plantronics Discovery 925 is definitely a step up from the norm.  You get about 5 hours of talk time with a standby time of nearly a week when the Multipoint function is disabled.  Small, easy on the ear and offering great performance, the Discovery 925 does its job as a solid headset.