Anyone can find themselves fatigued from holding a phone after a long chat, or cramped into an unusual and somewhat taxing posture while lost deep in conversation, or exhausted from a day on the phone at an office job.

But especially for those with chronic pain conditions, disabilities, the elderly, and a host of other conditions, holding and using a phone can be something of a painful experience. The daily use of the phone in business environments adds to the tiresome experience. Fortunately, there are solutions which can take the pain out of using the phone, such as the Plantronics CS540.

Like An Extension Of Your Body

The Plantronics CS540 is a super-lightweight cordless headset. It currently bears the distinction of being the lightest DECT headset available on the market. This featherweight headset is so light, it is easy to forget it is even on, until the crisp and practically distortion free audio comes through the speaker.

In contrast to a phone utilising some form of handset, the CS540 acts more like an extension of your body, allowing you to move freely and naturally while still remaining engaged in conversation.

A Look At Some Specs

Boasting some pretty impressive capabilities for such a tiny device, the CS540 proves itself capable of being the perfect complement to a home phone set up or a highly functional workhorse for PlantronicsCS50_large2the business environment.

Operating on rechargeable batteries, the CS540 offers up to 70 hours of continuous talk time on a full battery. The headset has a range of up to 100 meters – plenty of space to wander from the headsets base/charger unit.

On the audio side of the CS540 we find a CAT-iq wide band audio system and DSP technologies for high quality sound. This allows the CS540 to produce and transmit brilliant audio quality. With the help of the noise-cancelling microphone, the CS540 is a headset which performs well on both ends of the line.

Comfort Integrated From The Ground Up

When we take a look at the CS540 it is clear that this is a product designed from its earliest conception with the comfort of the wearer in mind. We find this trend reflected in features such as its adjustable wearing styles, which allow users to choose to wear the headset either over-the-ear or over-the-head with the conversion being made easily possible to suit the preference of the wearer. Its exceptional lightweight allows it to be comfortable no matter how it is mounted and puts virtually no stress on the anatomy.

Volume controls and muting can easily be done from the headset itself. Being compatible with a range of other devices, the CS540's controls can be extended with the help of an electronic hook switch cable or handset lifter to integrate remote call handling features (answer/drop call.) Ideal for all day wear, in the office or at home, the CS540 provides a certain freedom, allowing users to stay in touch while still being mobile and unimpeded by a device.

The hands-free nature of the headset, combined with its extreme lightweight, make it easy on the body and allow its users to move and complete tasks completely normally, removing additional stresses and strains which interfacing with technology can give rise to.