The Plantronics CS540 (liGo Price  - £141.99) aims to tick all the boxes when it comes to the criteria for an ideal Wireless Headset for the office. It's stylish and comfortable, delivers great sound quality, excellent range, and is durable enough that it won't break if you accidentally drop it. A dependable all-rounder that can be worn in different styles to suit the wearers preference, and has even adorned the heads of those in our office.


The CS540 is the lightest DECT headset on the market at just 21g, and as such features a fairly discreet earpiece from which extends a a slim noise-cancelling microphone boom. As with most headsets it can be worn on either ears and making the adjustment is a simple process. It is also convertible, which means you have the choice between wearing over your ear with the included earloops & eartips (3 sizes) or over the head by attaching the headband. Either way is comfortable, and we've found it to be one of the most comfortable headsets for anyone who wears glasses. There are two function keys on the CS540: a silver one at the start of the boom, which can be used to answer and end calls (provided you have a handset lifter) and the second at the rear is for adjusting the volume and the mute function.

Plantronics CS540
The sleek base come charging cradle is pretty compact so won’t take up much space on your desk; however, the switch settings are on the bottom so it’s worthwhile checking they’re set-up correctly before plugging it all in. There are also LED lights in the strip along the bottom, which indicate when the headset is charging, power, and mute/call.


Plantronics headsets have always been reliable when it has come to sound quality, and the CS540 is no exception. Audio on calls is crystal-clear, and the noise-cancelling microphone works well to reduce any interference from background noise so that you can be heard. The volume is easily adjustable using the toggle switch on the headset, and doesn't alter the clarity at all.

Audio is crystal-clear

Features & set-up

Setting up the CS540 shouldn’t pose any problem (just make sure your deskphone has a headset socket); you can use the Plantronics Compatibility Guide to check the correct switch settings for your deskphone to ensure highest audio quality. There aren’t many features to speak of – it can be paired with another base simply by placing it in the cradle (useful for any offices that operate a hot desking system); boasts Acoustic Shock Protection; the facility to conference in up to three additional headsets, and enhanced DSP. The main feature of the CS540 is that it does what it was built to do well, and at a reasonable price.

Battery life & range

The battery life of the CS540 is impressive when you consider its size, and it does provide the 7 hours talk –time Plantronics claim it will. It doesn’t compare to the 12 hours provided by the Jabra Pro 925 we reviewed last week (or some of the other Plantronics Headsets), but 7 hours is long time for anyone to talk solidly for. Provided you replace the headset in the cradle throughout the day, you won’t have any issues. And the range of the CS540 is great; if you’re looking for a wireless headset for reliable range then look no further.


The Plantronics CS540 is easy to use, delivers excellent audio quality, and brilliant wireless range making it an ideal choice for any office professional. Furthermore it is stylish and comfortable to wear, can be employed for remote answering (with Hookswitch or Handset Lifter) and at £141.99 offers exceptional value for money when compared to higher-priced wireless headsets. You can find out more, read customer reviews & order online now - here.