Setting out to design a single pair of headphones which can accommodate the varied needs of a modern user, the Plantronics Backbeat Pro is a set of wireless BlueTooth headphones which find themselves equally well equipped for any task on the go, in the office, or even relaxing at home.

Let's have a closer look.

Tasty Sound

backbeat pro featureAt the heart of the Backbeat Pro is Plantronics high quality speaker drivers which produce stunning audio quality rich with tantalising highs and bubbly, rumbling lows.

Easily interfacing with any BlueTooth device, the Backbeat Pro can seamlessly play music from your MP3 player, stream audio from a movie, or even take a phone call from your mobile thanks to the built in noise cancelling microphone.

With the inclusion of multipoint technology, you can connect to two separate BlueTooth devices simultaneously and select your sound source with the press of a button.

Some users complained about not being able to pair the Backbeat Pro to their Apple devices. I was able to connect my Backbeat Pro to my iPhone 6 using NFC just fine and was enjoying a movie when a phone call came in. With a press of a button I was able to switch to my smartphone and take the call on my Backbeat Pro - now that's convenient!

Music Anytime, or All the Time

Offering a promising 24 hour of usage time from its battery, the Backbeat Pro  hasn't left me down during the period of testing. I've watched 2 movies, listened to music and played games on my smartphone for a total of 6 hours of non-stop usage and still had well over 70% of battery life left.

The intelligent power saving controls within the Backbeat Pro automatically put it into standby mode when it is not in use, where it can remain charged and ready to use for up to 21 days. If the headphones are put into their DeepSleep hibernation mode, battery life can be extended to as long as six months.

Not being able to test these claims in the field, I'm just going to trust Plantronics on this.

Even if you find yourself having run the battery dead and unable to charge it, the Backbeat Pro can still be used as a normal pair of wired headphones by attaching the included 3.5mm headphone cord and plugging into the standard jack found on most devices.backbeat pro

Immersive Advanced Noise Cancelling Feature

Playing host to some of the most advance noise cancelling technology on the market, the Backbeat Pro allows wearers to immerse themselves in a singular sonic experience unpolluted by the noise of their environment.

With Active Noise Control (ACN) technology, the Backbeat Pro uses clever acoustic engineering techniques to reduce noise from the outside by generating sound waves to interfere with outside noise, creating an incredibly crisp audio isolation which puts the wearer in a listening space all their own.

The noise cancelling offered by the Backbeat Pro is so exceptional I didn't hear anything from the outside world!

But if you want to remain alert to whats up around you while still listening to some music, the Open Mic feature allows you to let in a bit of the sound from the world outside.plantronicsbackbeatpro_product

The Controls

There are several methods to control the Backbeat Pro: make use of the button controls to pause, play or adjust the volume located on the headphones themselves, connect your iPhone or Android device with the Plantronics app to view battery life and control the device.

The included Smart Sensor technology makes sure you never miss a beat, automatically pausing the music playing when you take the headphones off, and resuming playback as soon as they are put back on.

Top Shelf Experience

To be honest with you, I was blown away by my listening experience taking a trip into the amazing world of the audiophile with the stellar quality of the Backbeat Pro, while simultaneously enjoying the rich and highly convenient feature set.

If you are looking to enhance your audio experience by adding a pair of premium headphones to your arsenal, you simply can't go wrong with the Plantronics Backbeat Pro.