Plantronics is well known as a leading provider of wireless headsets.  Their latest product is the Audio 480 Virtual Phone Booth, equipped with the Skype application and a plethora of computer-friendly features.  The Plantronics Audio 480 distinguishes itself from other headsets with an in-ear style along with a microphone arm to support Skype calls.  You are probably just as anxious as we were to learn about these babies so here are the juicy details.

Design and Features

The Audio 480 is compact, lightweight and very discreet.  Both of the earbuds are designed to insert snug in your ear to ensure a secure fit and block out background noise, feeding into the virtual phone book concept.  Just as we expected, the sound quality is superb.   The mic also picks up voice pretty well with assistance from the noise-cancelling feature.  The Audio 480 is easy to work with and incredibly comfortable.  Keep the microphone in mind before taking a bite into that sub - it’s so light that you might forget its perched right in the corner of your mouth.  The mic and the headsets work well together and consistently produce crystal clear audio without flaw.  Just make sure you stay alert because the noise-canceling really does its job of blocking out your surroundings.

Audio in Motion

To use the Audio 480 on your Mac or PC, simply plug the headset and mic into the provided USB adapter.  Plug the adapter into the USB port of your computer and set up the headset as the input/output audio source in the Sound section of System Preferences.  To control the sound, there is a volume slider on the small plastic clip at the lower part of the cables.  Speaking of, the cables will probably irritate you as they are way too short.  The good thing is that you can keep the cables in checks as they can be fastened to your shirt with the handy clip.

The Audio 480 works great as a set of headphones, rivaling some of the best products out there.  While some might prefer more bass, the high detail is appreciated when making VoIP calls.  Who needs bass for all that anyway?  They also sound good with music and movies which might be your primary choice.  This is when the in-ear style, inline volume control and overall design comes into play as you can jam or watch your favorite videos on the computer without interruption.


The Plantronics Audio 480 Virtual Phone Booth is idea for the VoIP chatter or someone who simply prefers a better quality of music at home.  For someone attached to their laptop and frequently takes it on the road, this unit is almost perfect with support for Skype and iChat.