Combining the elements of sport and adventure on the slopes with the crisp mountain air, magnificent scenery, and the luxury of après-ski dancing, ski holidays make the perfect get-away for many. Whether going as a solo traveller, couple, or family, a holiday slope-side has plenty to offer, though it needs prior planning and forethought.

Choose Your Destination

You should choose a place that is appropriate for your skiing abilities as an individual or family, which is easy to find amongst the vast array of Italian, French, Austrian, and Swiss resorts, all fairly easy to access from the UK. Beginners may appreciate the resorts in Romania and Bulgaria, while those who like to travel a bit further may enjoy the modern resorts in Canada and the USA.

But before you leave the UK, ensure that you get adequate ski holiday insurance cover for theft/damage/loss of ski equipment, lack of skiing because of poor snow cover and ski lift closure, and the cost of evacuation and repatriation in the event of an injury.

Packing Your Gear

There are a few other things that you need to do as you prepare for your skiing trip. First, you need to get the appropriate length of skis and ski poles depending on your abilities, as well as properly set ski bindings. The gear is usually rented for first timers, so the rental shop should check everything for you before setting off.

Next, you should get proper clothing, which involves dressing in layers with clothes specially made for winter sports, to keep you warm and dry while transporting sweat away from your body. Other essential accessories are sunglasses or goggles, mitts or gloves, a helmet, and a warm hat and scarf, to help with your safety. You should also consider getting some two way radios with good range for your family.

Two-Way Radios binatone latitude 150 2way radio

Two-way radios are not necessarily for emergencies, but as a social tool to help you keep in-touch with your family. Binatone offers a budget solution with the Latitude 150. You will probably relax and have more fun without having to worry about the well-being of your spouse or kids after leaving them somewhere along the trail. Radios should, however, not be used as a substitute for pre-agreed meet ups or return time.

Range of coverage is a major issue for two-way radio performance, but the best conditions for communicating is from a high vantage point where you are looking down into a lowland area or valley with minimal obstructions, like tree cover.

Be Careful and Have Fun!

To maximise your enjoyment, you should get ski fit before making the trip to avoid having an achy holiday. Also get some ski lessons from an English-speaking instructor, and take it slow on the first day, as you familiarise yourself with the resort’s runs.