Formerly known as GN Netcom, Jabra is a Denmark-based company that continues to establish itself as the fastest growing supplier of wireless communications products. The industry’s global leader, Jabra has an estimated 1,900 employees working in sales offices throughout the world.  Developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad spectrum of wireless headsets for mobile phones as well as wireless and corded headsets for the office environment, Jabra has a solution fit for any setting.  The company is also in the business of manufacturing equipment for a range of global companies including those who manufacturer and market PCs, PDAs and mobile phones.

Jabra’s success in the industry is demonstrated through their award-winning headsets which features a variety of cordless and corded solutions for a range of mobile users.  Offering an impressive lineup, some of their most popular products include world best-selling Bluetooth headsets in the Jabra BT160 and the Jabra BT150 Bluetooth along with the Jabra BT250v.  These products have received consistent acclaim and various product and design accolades such as the CES Innovation, T3 Gold, iF Product Design, Red Dot Mobile Choice Best Accessory and the CNET Editor’s Choice reward.

Jabra prides itself on quality and has launched nearly 100 new products since 2006, many of which have sold well and received praise from the industry.  While the products remain great, innovation has always been their calling card.  Since the merger with GN, Jabra has revolutionized the market with an extensive history of industry firsts.

2006 - The first to release a dual-connection wireless headset for conventional and IP telephony
2005 - Jabra qualifies the first Bluetooth 2.0 headset in the world
2005 - Launched the Jabra BT800, the most advanced headset in the industry
2004 - The first to release a headset amplifier for PC-based IP telephony systems with call controls
2004 - The first to launch an all-digital multiple-purpose amplifier implementing the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology
2004 - The first to qualify Bluetooth headsets under the 1.2 specification
2003 - Releases the world’s first wireless headset with an integrated conference call feature
2002 - The first to qualify Bluetooth headsets under the 1.1 specification
2000 - Launches the world’s first true digital wireless headset
2000 - The first to launch a mobile Bluetooth headset
1996 - The first to release an analog wireless headset
1991 - Launched the industry’s first noise-canceling microphone

Jabra uses the best of technology to give you solutions providing exceptional sound quality, performance and great comfort.  Whether it’s wireless communications in the office or jamming your favorite tunes at home, their products offer a top quality design that is sure to suit your lifestyle.