Recipients of the IF-Design award, the Gigaset S670, S675 and S675 IP combine elegance and superior functionality into a single package. These DECT phones are extremely easy to use with a large illuminated display boasting 65,000 brilliant colors. The keypad is perfectly laid out with icon-based menus for simple navigation. An intuitive interface provides easy access to the built-in calender, address book and SMS text function. The Gigaset S675 IP takes these attributes one step further with its ability to make phone calls over the internet or a standard fixed network line.

Mobile Sex Appeal

Designed in a metallic chrome and solid black matt finish, the Gigaset S670, S675, or S675 IP make a nice addition to the home or business office setting. Behind the attractive looks is a rich set of features well suited for a range of communications needs. One of these features is an integrated phone book that allows you to store up to 250 entries, each with a name, up to three phone numbers, an email address and date of birth. These phones are perfect for the avid text messenger, giving you the ability to send and receive SMS text messages of up to 640 characters in length.

The Gigaset S675 and S675 IP will help to ensure that you never miss another important call. These two phones are equipped with a built-in answering machine, capable of recording up to 40 minutes of digital voice messages. The answer machine also has a unique feature that automatically sends detailed notification to your mobile phone, allowing you to remotely access your messages.

Exceptional Sound and Network Capability

The Gigaset S670, S675, or S675 IP all offer excellent sound quality, putting an end to the static annoyance that comes along with many conventional cordless phones. The S675 IP is in a league of its own, the first device to support HDSP (High Definition Sound Performance) over a broadband connection. This significantly improves sound quality and your overall experience. Similar to other Gigaset hybrids, the S675 IP offers seamless network connectivity without the aid of a personal computer, allowing you to switch between internet and fixed-line calls with the easy push of a button.

Go Easy on the Environment with ECO DECT

The Gigaset S670, S675, or S675IP are designed with energy-efficient parts and Siemens’ new ECO DECT technology. In comparison to conventional phones and power supplies, these models reduce energy use by up to 60%. Transmission power from the base station is adjustable, meaning it can be reduced almost completely when receiving a charge. ECO DECT does its job even when multiple handsets are in use, giving you the power to manually reduce transmission power in ECO mode.

A Solution fit for Every User

Whether you are tired of missing calls, need to keep up with your network or simply need a better phone around the house, Siemens has you covered with this impressive trio from their S-line of Gigasets.