Advanced phone access solutions for elderly and disabled people

In our recent reviews of liGO Bluewave we’ve focused on its financial and lifestyle benefits for domestic and commercial occupants. But there’s one important area we haven’t touched on yet – and that’s the capacity of liGO Bluewave to improve phone access for elderly people and those living with disabilities.

Why is phone access important for elderly people and people with disabilities?

According to official statistics:
There are over 11 million disabled people living in the UK, with many of the most common ailments affecting mobility.
Approximately 3.8 million elderly people live alone, of which 2 million are aged 75 years and over. Within that 2 million, 800,000 of the most vulnerable are deemed not to receive any official care or support.

Of course it’s perfectly possible to live a full and happy life as a disabled or elderly person. But in some cases mobility, vulnerability and even loneliness can be issues that can affect day to day living and quality of life. What’s more, against a backdrop of possible benefit and pension cuts in the UK, expensive phone bills can be a real worry.

How can Bluewave help improve phone access for elderly and disabled people?

Bluewave lets you route all your incoming and outgoing mobile phone calls through any landline handset - no matter where it is in your home. This has three key benefits for those who are affected by mobility issues:

liGo Bluewave

Use your phone without rushing around: If you find it difficult to get around quickly then you can set up landline handsets in the areas of your home that you most commonly use. That means that you can make and receive mobile calls via the handset that is in closest proximity to you, even if your mobile doesn’t happen to be close by.

Avoid unnecessary call charges: If you have a mobile phone with free or cheap rate minutes then you can use those minutes wherever you happen to be. That can be a great help when making ends meet seems like a challenge. Some liGO Bluewave users are even getting rid of their landlines altogether to cut costs even further. But that, of course, is up to you.

Manage emergency and favourite numbers: You can route up to three Bluetooth mobiles through the Bluewave hub, and you can easily set a different ring tone for each phone. You can also programme your most important numbers into your landline handset and use speed dial to make calls using your mobile service.

You might have favourite people who you like to talk to regularly, or a specified number that you can call in an emergency. You might not want to be bothered by cold calling or sales nuisances.

Bluewave allows you to quickly answer or make the calls that are important to you by using speed dial. You can identify who is calling by using caller ID (a recent and really useful upgrade to the system). Similarly because the hub itself can be positioned to avoid any reception dead spots you can reduce the risk of not being able to get a mobile signal when you really need one.

Is it easy to connect Bluewave?

liGo Bluewave 3 steps

Yes, it’s designed to be as easy as possible. Your hub will be delivered to your door. All you have to do is plug it in, connect it to your landline following the instructions provided, and link up your mobile phone in a matter of seconds.

You’re then fully set up to use your mobile via any handset in your house – where and how you choose. Plus liGO offers full support by phone and on the internet – so if you ever have any difficulties help is at hand.

For elderly and disabled people this is a simple and cost-cutting solution that can improve contact with loved ones, the ability to handle an emergency, and financial issues all in one go.

If you are a disabled or elderly person or you are caring for someone you can look for support and advice at