The Philips SCD505 baby monitor is a moderately priced baby monitor system from Philips, which includes a baby monitor and a wireless parent unit.

All in all, the SCD505 is a pretty straightforward device with a few neat perks like lullabies and nightlight to sweeten the deal and add some atmosphere to the nursery. Lets take a closer look with our hands-on review on the device.

Design & Build

My first impression of the SCD505 was: it had a pretty simple but pleasant look. When I picked it up, it felt fairly quality, although it does feel a bit plasticky in my hands, I get the impression the plastic is quality and will stand up to some wear. It's design is unambiguous and immediately simple to operate with a clear b/w display we're all used to from digital desk clocks.

The baby unit can be powered by mains through its AC adaptor or run on batteries, which is a helpful feature if you needed to move the unit around. If batteries are already installed, the device can be unplugged from mains and still operate seamlessly.


Sound Quality

We were pleased with the audio quality of the SCD505 – its not a hi-fi sound system, but it offers good, clear sound to deliver a baby's voice without heavy distortions. It is important to be able details and hear some nuances of what's up in the nursery.


Getting the SCD505 set up was no problem. I managed to do it without consulting the manual. Its design leaves little way for confusion about how to operate it, with all of the buttons clearly labelled on both the parent and baby unit.

Just a few minutes out of the box, I had both units up and running and after a little experimentation with each button I was able to master its quite simple operations.


Pretty feature rich for a budget baby monitor, there are quite a few bells and whistles on the SCD 505.

  • The first one I tested out was the night light, which is an extremely soft light, nice and mellow but noticeably less bright than a standard nightlight. Its good for providing just a bit of extra light, not illuminating anything.
  • The LED sound indicators on the parent unit are quite useful, letting you know if there is a ruckus at a glance even if you have the speaker muted. The parent unit also includes an out of range warning and a low battery alert to make sure you stay in touch.
  • A talk back feature allows you to broadcast your voice into the nursery from the parent unit, useful for calming the child with a soothing voice or communicating with anyone else in the room.
  • Also included to help soothe is a collection of lullabies which can be activated remotely, which are not to my taste of music personally, but rather cute nonetheless :)

Range & Battery Life

The advertised maximum range on the Philips SCD505 is a whopping 330 metres, which should be more than enough for most average sized homes.

I tested the battery life with a set of non-rechargeable batteries and the baby unit lasted about a full day on battery power alone, which is pretty impressive, considering that the unit will be plugged in most of the time anyways.

Overall, I felt both the range and battery life to be more than adequate, making this a dependable unit.


The Philips SCD505 is a highly functional baby monitor. In contrast to the Gigaset PA330 which we reviewed last week, it packs a lot more features into a lower price tag.

We give the SCD505 pretty high regards. Have a look at it or compare it with some other options over at the liGo store!

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