Suited for the home and work environment, DECT phones make use of the latest technology to enhance everyday communications.  The latest models deliver crystal clear sound and offer a host of benefits.  DECT phones provide extended freedom, lifting you of the restrictions associated with annoying wires.  Some of the newer cordless handsets allow you to talk up to hundreds of meters away from the base station; this could be in the break room, the kitchen or outside in the garden.  While there are several manufacturers on the market, few of them match up to the quality and innovation delivered by Philips.

All Clear and Secure

A leading name in electronics, Philips is making waves with a full lineup of DECT phones.  The company showcased several brand new models at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show including the Philips CD 150.  This DECT phone offers improved sound clarity with noise reduction technology that back helps to filter out annoying background sound.  You don’t have to worry about anyone trying to listen in on your conversations as the CD 150 is equipped with solid security in the form of digital encryption.  This DECT phone offers exceptional battery life with up 100% more juice than other 2.4 and 5.8 Ghz models.

The Internet Mate

The Philips VoIP 321 is far from the average DECT phone as it combines the benefits of the manufacturer’s cordless technology and the Skype VoIP service.  This stylish model allows you to make and receive phone calls over Public Switched and internet networks all from your handset.  Distinguishing your land line and Skype calls is made easy with built-in polyphonic ringtones.  Whether you are at the computer or away, this amazing DECT lets you view which of your mates are online by simply looking at the display on the handset.  The VoIP 321 offers complete mobility, user-friendliness and crystal clear sound quality.  Combine this with the cost-efficiency of Skype calls over a broadband internet connection and you have a DECT phone that’s worth every pence.

Who Needs a PC?

Philips takes the DECT phone to new heights with its VoIP 841, a model the company hails as the most advanced VoIP handset on the market.  The Philips VoIP 841 allows you to make calls from the handset with no reliance on a PC.  This dual cordless phone leverages traditional and internet networks, allowing you to place land line and online calls via a broadband connection. The VoIP 841 will help you save money with free Skype to Skype calls along with cheaper calls to fixed and mobile phone lines.

Philips latest slate of DECT phones are packed with a number of useful features, using the best in technology to enhance cordless communications.  All of the new handsets offer better security and excellent clarity over greater distances when compared to standard analog phones.  Whether it’s handling business in the office or simply chatting it up with family in friends, you are sure to appreciate the style and sophistication of this impressive lineup.