Philips received a lot of the spotlight at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, introducing the world to an impressive new lineup of DECT phones and efficient power solutions.  The Philips Power4Life range is designed to free users of their battery life woes, offering hours of enjoyment for a wide range of portable electronic devices.  The Power4Life package is robust, featuring the Power2Charge and Power2Go series.  Far from the average accessories, these units have the power to charge anything from your mobile phone to a laptop computer.

Charge Up For the Road

With Power2Charger you can send your activities into overtime with extra hours for your mobile handset, MP3 player, PDA or digital camera.  This innovative adapter solution has the ability to charge a variety of electronic devices with a universal charger, eliminating the need to carry around multiple adapters.  The Power2Charger offers a total of five universal USB chargers - two of them designed for the car.  This convenient power supply offers maximum efficiency whether you’re at home, the office or on the go.

The Power2Charge lineup consists of the following:

• SCM2180 Universal USB Car Charger
• SCM2280 Universal USB Charger
• SCM4380 Universal USB Car Charger Kit
• SCM4480 Universal USB Charger Kit
• SCM7880 Universal USB Charger Kit

All units are designed for applications up to 5V.

Power Anytime, Anywhere

The Philips Power2Go line lives up to its name, allowing your portable devices to stay charged for up to 60 hours while you’re on the road.  It doesn’t matter where you are, your device can stay going all without needing a boost from a power outlet.  The Power2Go goes from a state of the art rechargeable power supply to an emergency universal charger, packing an excellent backup energy source that supports nearly every portable electronic device you can imagine.

The SCE4430 is the most innovative of the Power2Go product line, the backup solution that provides energy for your portable electronic devices.  After receiving a full charge, your mobile phone,  MP3 player or PDA will last up to 30 hours, giving you enough enjoyment to last through the most grueling road trip.  Its advanced counterpart, the SCE7640, offers even more capacity giving you to 60 hours of power.  This version is able to charge up your laptop computer as well.  The SCE2110 is compact, lightweight and perfect for the mobile consumer that needs power on the go.  Built with five connector plugs and a convenient LED indicator, this tiny powerhouse makes sure you can always keep in touch.

The Power2Go lineup consists of the following

• SCE2110 Emergency phone charger
• SCE4430 Rechargeable Power Pack
• SCE7640 Rechargeable Power Pack

The SCE 2210 is designed for mobile phones while the SCE4430 and SCE7640 are for applications 5V and 19V respectively.

Consumers have been very accepting to the Power4Life series as Philips has already received high praise for it’s super-charged lineup.  The SCM7880 was awarded the iF Product Design Award as well as the CES Design and Engineering Showcase Award.  Together, the Power2Charger and Power2Go make a unique hybrid solution that offers the maximum in convenience and portable communications.