Although there is a healthy amount of cordless phones on the market, most of them are (to put it mildly) "aesthetically challenged".  While mobile phones tend to be crammed full of style, the poor home cordless phone sits in the corner like some overlooked wallflower.  Well, the good folks at Philips have decided to redress the balance by producing some truly attractive cordless phones.  The Philips ID555 cordless phone is the best of their "Design Collection" range, and of course the loveable liGo crowd are amongst the first to bring you this sleek beauty.

And beautiful it is!  The handset has a black glossy finish that's super stylish and will fit into the most elegantly designed room.  But it's not only your eyes that are treated to this delight; your hands will love the feel of this handset due to its slim lightweight build and amazingly smooth surface.  The screen and keypad are also lit by a sumptuous blue backlight that will have you running up a huge phone bill just because you want to use this stunning handset all the time.  But when calling someone looks this good, it's worth it.

However, this gorgeous creature doesn't sacrifice build quality for its attractive appearance.  The ID555 feels solid in the hand, and the keypad buttons provide a reassuring click when pressed.  The screen is simple and yet big enough to allow for five lines of text.  Top quality and ease-of-use are terms that immediately spring to mind when describing this latest Philips baby.

You'll also be glad to know that the ID555's beauty isn't only fascia deep - it has a decent set of features which make this even more of a catch.  Naturally, the GAP compatible ID555 has superlative sound quality - would be expect anything else from Philips? - so calls are guaranteed to be crystal clear.  Standard features such as speakerphone and a sizeable 200 name and number directory are also some of the ID555's offerings.  Oh, and let's not forget the digital answering machine which has a staggering 30 minute recording time capability; quite frankly, this knocks the socks off the recording capacities provided by other similar devices.

So we've got lovely looks, great build quality and a load of useful features.  But those thoughtful boffins at Philips haven't stopped there!  Ever conscious of energy conservation efforts, Philips created this top-notch cordless phone with the ability to control its transmission power levels depending on its proximity to the base.  This makes for an efficient "power management" system so that less power is used overall.  And if that wasn't eco-friendly enough, the power supply provided with the ID555 is a special high efficiency model that reduces power consumption by over 50%.

The Philips ID555 has it all: stunning looks, a great build, a character with plenty of features and a sense of environmental responsibility.  You can even buy it with up to six of its equally delighful siblings!  You can get this sexy sweetheart for only £44.99 for a single handset.  Go on, get it.  It's time to make calling sexy again.