Philips continues to make contributions to cordless technology with useful devices that exceed the norm.  Its DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone) lineup has evolved dramatically with the introduction of new phones that were at showcased at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  These models allow users to enjoy enhanced communications, packed with noise reduction technology to deliver crystal clear sound when chatting with friends, family or business associates.

Each phone is equipped with a proven and secure digital encryption algorithm, offering call clarity over distances that surpass traditional cordless phones by far.  Additionally, all phones in the Philips 6.0 series offer extended battery life, providing100% more usage than most 2.4 and 5.8 GHz devices.  For the end-user, this is equivalent to up to 12 hours in continuous talk time.

Philips Can Hear You Now

Excluding the CD 150 model, all of the cordless phones in Philip's new DECT lineup provide advanced performance sound quality with the implementation of the manufacturer's proprietary High Def Voice and Enhanced High Def Voice.  This technology makes use of some of the best audio components, combining them with a genuine acoustic chamber that enables the sound spectrum to extend beyond the limits of the average cordless phone.  Select Philips models built with Enhanced High Def Voice technology also include DSP (Digital Signal Processing) which supplements for the high frequencies that are often stripped from the user's voice.  This results in lifelike audio that makes a phone conversation seem more like a face to face meeting.  Furthermore, the new Philips DECT models are equipped with an amplified speaker phone, helping to boost productivity in the home or office setting.

Meet the Lineup

The design of the new Philips DECT phones allow you to effectively communicate in various lighting conditions.  With the aid of a backlit display and illuminated keypad, you will be able to carry on important conversations even in darker environments.  The ID937, SE65 and SE74 models are designed with bright color displays, offering thousands of colors to ensure easy navigation.  The XL350 and XL355 come with equally large displays and keypads to make dialing out simple, comprehensive designs that are ideal for seniors.

Apart from the physical make-over, the new Philips DECT phones offer an abundance of features such as numerous polyphonic ringtones and integrated phone books capable of storing up to 200 contact entries.  Some models have built-in answering machines with enough memory to record and store up 30 minutes of digital messages.   The SE458 and SE658 models feature dual keypads that allow calls from the handset or the base station, an attribute that offers excellent flexibility.  Boasting the dual keypad feature and dual line capability, the SE659 is the ultimate in cordless communications.

Secure Communications

In April of 2004, the FCC approved DECT version 1.9 GHz.  This frequency is made exclusively available to voice applications, providing exceptional performance and a higher level of security.  Couple this with digital encryption and you have a reliable solution that greatly reduces the threat of identify theft and helps to ensure that your communications remain private.

With the new DECT models, Philips is offering cordless users innovative ways to keep in touch.  These phones are loaded with features yet easy to use, enhancing the quality of our everyday routines.