This week I was tasked with reviewing the Philips AVENT SCD 535 DECT Baby Monitor. In my time here at liGo, I've come across quite a few baby monitors to review, some good and some less so; and the SCD 535 managed to stand out from the pack. I spent a few days putting the SCD 535 through its paces and compiled my impressions and the results of my experience below.

First Impressions of the SCD 535

Immediately after taking the SCD 535 out of the box I was a little skeptical of the somewhat large and bulky nature of the baby unit. However, after comparing it to some other baby monitors like offerings from BT, I realised the parent unit really isn't atypically large for comparable baby monitors. But I think its box-shaped design lends it to appearing a bit more bulky than some perhaps a bit sleeker looking options.

But enough about the look – how well does the SCD 535 do its job?


After plugging in the baby unit and getting a full charge on the parent unit, it was time to start testing! I opted to plug the baby unit straight into the wall, but it can also be setup to run on 4 AA batteries. After I began my tests, I noticed straight away that the audio quality is pretty great. Compared to similarly priced models, the SCD 535 was definitely putting off some high quality sound. The LED noise indicators also work quite well, readily displaying if there is any sound in the room without having to engage the speakers.

Display and Controls

The display on both the parent unit and the baby unit of the SCD 535 takes the form of a monochrome display with blue LED back light. In my opinion, its not the nicest display I've ever seen, and it's sometimes hard to make out the information on the display in certain lighting conditions. The back lighting tends to be its saving grace in this respect, making the display adequately functional if maybe leaving a little to be desired.


Aside from sound level, the SCD 535 parent unit also visibly displays information from the baby units temperature and humidity sensors, letting you always keep a close eye on the climate within your nursery. From the parent unit you can also enable a variety of lullabies built in, or use the Talk Back feature to broadcast your voice into the room.

I wasn't a huge fan of the sounds of the lullabies, but I was rather impressed with the audio fidelity of the talk back feature. Much like the regular audio from the SCD 535, it is high quality.

Final Verdict

Overall the Philips Avent SCD 535 does its job quite well. It packs in all of the features expected of a quality baby monitor. Aside from its somewhat less-than-optimal display and slightly bulky design of the baby unit, the SCD 535 is an excellent selection in the realm of mid-priced baby monitors and is certainly more than well equipped to get the job done while still including some neat bells and whistles.scd535